League Suspends Matt Barnes, Lets Jason Terry Off the Hook

Chalk it up to yet another inconsistency in the league office. Just over a week ago Andrew Bynum earned two days without pay for his cheap shot on Michael Beasley. One week later Jason Terry commits a similar act on Steve Blake and receives a reprieve from the league.

In the wake of last night’s altercation, Matt Barnes is the only one of five players ejected to receive any punishment of any kind. The league opted to suspend Barnes for tonight’s tilt in Utah while downgrading Terry’s Flagrant 2 to a 1.

Now I’m not going to argue that Bynum shouldn’t have been suspended. I will make a case for the excessive 2 game suspension but that’s about all. What Bynum did to Beasley was deplorable and there is no room for cowardice acts in the game of basketball.

My problem stems from the fact that Terry shoved Blake to the ground for no apparent reason other than utter frustration. Not the same action as Bynum but certainly in the same spirit.

Also, I’m not going to argue that Barnes should not have been suspended. He entered into an event that didn’t concern him so much like Bynum he left himself at the mercy of the league.

The problem is the inconsistent nature of the league with regards to punishment applied for similar circumstances.

One action merits an immediate suspension while another, one that is eerily similar, goes unpunished.

But enough whining. With the way David Stern allows Stu Jackson free rein to do as he pleases it is only a matter of time until Jackson’s actions – or lack thereof – will put Stern in a tight spot. Some situation that will require the commissioner to intervene and override Jackson. You know, something like NBA mascot Steve Nash throwing a punch and getting nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Naturally the problem with that scenario is that Nash is always stuck playing the victim so he would never throw a haymaker. And yes, this post basically devolved into an excuse to take an unnecessary shot at Nash.

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