New Orleans, You Have a Problem

If you’ve been catching the Lake Show this season then you know how these things go.

The Lakers look uninterested and lose to an opponent that has no business having any confidence after the first quarter. Kinda like what happened in Game 1.

One of their All-Stars isn’t playing up to par. Sorta like how Pau Gasol has been in the first two games.

Then they get a win…an ugly one…but a win none the less. Something resembling what happened in Game 2.

All of a sudden they go champion on some unsuspecting team on the road and suck the life out of a once rowdy arena. You know…like what happened tonight in New Orleans.

What usually follows next is what we in the business refer to as a “win streak”.

New Orleans, you have a problem.

All the goodwill the Hornets built with a shocking win in Game 1 disappeared tonight in the humid air of the bayou in Game 3. Los Angeles has finally checked-in to the playoffs and if things keep going this way they’re not going to be requesting a late check out in this series.

I’d suggest fans in the NO  enjoy Saturday night cause Sunday could could be the last time The Crescent City sees their Hornets play this year.

If the Hornets couldn’t win when Trevor Ariza outscores Kobe and The Spaniard combined then you know they had no chance when Gasol goes for 17 and 10 in ugly fashion.

I’m not ready to say that Pau has got it going yet. As far as I’m concerned he should get double-doubles on the Hornets on one leg. Wake me up when Gasol goes 20-20. But I’m not complaining…I’ll take 17 and 10 from Pau any way I can get it. Even if he has to hit a corner three just to get it going.

It almost felt like the world was against Pau. The refs were even hating when they waved off an and-one on a dunk, called it on the floor, but then sent Pau to the line when the Hornets weren’t in the bonus.


That made no sense and neither does the fact that this series isn’t 3-0.

Andrew Bynum keeps coming out strong. Tonight he was a beast out of the gate abusing the Hornets in the post. Drew dropped 14 and 11 with ease and just to keep this drama going he tweaked his knee…again. Bynum finished the game but wasn’t as effective late.

But that’s not a problem when Mamba is out for blood.

Phil’s advice to KB24 was to take more than 10 shots tonight. So Bryant goes out and doubles his shot total. Here’s what makes Kobe the greatest scorer to ever live. He took twice as many shots (20) but scored almost three times as many points (30) tonight as in Game 2.

That’s just unfair.

You can’t beat the Lakers when things are going like this. I don’t care who you are…Carl Landry!

Landry comes up big against the Lakers but his overly boisterous scream after and emphatic dunk in the third was a big misstep. That yell seemed to awaken the sleeping beast as from there out it was all Lakers.

CP3 has only shown his face in one game so far. Chris Paul didn’t play poorly. 22 and 8 would usually be enough to keep things close against other teams. But the whole world now knows it takes much more from the Hornets’ point guard to get a win.

Another factor in Game 1 that has been a total non-factor since has been the New Orleans bench.

Tonight Lamar Odom alone outscored (13 to 9) outrebounded (9 to 8 ) and almost had more assists (5 to 6) than the Hornets’ bench combined.

New Orleans, you have a very serious problem.

When things start going like this its like a rock slide that becomes an avalanche destroying anything that gets in the way.

This series isn’t over but that’s only because it’s a best of seven and we’re at Game 3. Don’t look now but the champions have checked-in to the playoffs. The bad news for the Hornets is that the Lakers are still drowsy having barely opened their eyes from a late season slumber. The worse news is that typically this season the beast has been leashed on the road.

New Orleans, you have a problem if you bought tickets for Game 6. I’d suggest making other plans for that night. The last stop for the Monty Williams express will be in Los Angeles if he can’t get his team back on track. The thing is it might not be enough. For all Coach Williams knows is that his squad could be up and running only to learn there’s a coaster on the tracks and no Denzel Washington in sight to slow this unstoppable train.

New Orleans, you have a problem.

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