Kobe Bryant Taking Calls Not Talents Overseas Just Yet

Aside from his phenomenal ability, tireless work ethic, worldwide recognition and numerous accomplishments Kobe Bryant isn’t that different from you or I. Just like us he has a job (though he’s not allowed to step foot in his workplace at the moment). Just like us he gets compensation for his labor. And just like us KB24 wants fair compensation and the right working environment when he considers an employer.

With the speed at which Deron Williams and his representation moved to ink a deal with Turkish club Besiktas many began to speculate other locked out NBAers would quickly follow suit. Once Kobe’s name became linked to the same club, reports quickly circulated of a potential deal being in the works.

Today Adrian Wojanrowski tossed a little cold water on all the KB24 speculation. Woj tweeted the following.

Kobe Bryant is “nowhere near any kind of a deal,” in Turkey, source tells Y! “Not even close.” He’s listening to offers, but that’s all now.

No real surprise there. Unlike Williams, Bryant has a little more at stake and considerably more options to explore. Not that D-Will isn’t a prime prospect in any league anywhere on the planet cause he most definitely is one of the best point guards on the planet. It’s just that he is younger and stands to benefit much more from international hoops than Kobe.

For Bryant there is a lot more to take into consideration. He has reached an important juncture in his career. Though Bryant is still a young 32-years-of-age, his body needs time to rest and recover from all of the NBA wear and tear. Not to mention playing internationally would be nothing more than a means to stay in shape as there is no club outside the States that can offer him a comparable salary.

Given Bryant’s competitive nature it’s hardly shocking his representation was proactive in contacting Besiktas. If this lockout lasts as long as many are predicting Bryant’s basketball Jones will grow exponentially.

Though Kobe doesn’t need the money, it does have to be worth his time. Therefore it seems only right that he’s only in the feeling out stage right now with no real urgency to find an overseas suitor.

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