Jordan Farmar to Venture Overseas

As Kobe Bryant mulls his options during the lockout another NBAer has decided to take the overseas plunge. Former Laker, UCLA alum and Taft High grad Jordan Farmar has signed a deal to play professionally in Israel.

Farmar’s deal with Maccabi Tel Aviv shouldn’t come as too big a surprise. Given his Jewish heritage and Farmar’s offseason activities in Israel it seems natural he would play there professionally.

Naturally Jordan’s deal has an NBA opt-out clause because should the lockout end he’ll have a job waiting for him in New Jersey. Which is more than can be said for his former teammate twice over, Sasha Vujacic. Sasha is going to be playing in Turkey with no prospects of returning to the NBA. Yep, that was an unnecessary shot at Vujacic. Some habits just don’t ever die.

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