Kobe Bryant Not Headed to China…Yet

These days are all about rumor control for Kobe Bryant and his camp. Whether it’s dispelling the notion of balling for Beskitas or snuffing out the rumors of a cell phone confrontation gone wrong at a church, rumor control is priority number one.

The latest rumor to makes the rounds is yet another overseas report. Supposedly KB24 was to have agreed to terms with the same club Stephon Marbury played with in China.

Now there is little doubt Kobe wants to play in China. Even less doubt that Nike would love for Bryant to conduct and Asian takeover. Problem is the Chinese Basketball Association doesn’t look likely to offer contracts with an NBA opt-out clause.

As stated previously there is no way Kobe sacrifices an entire year in the NBA (lockout or not) just for the sake of building his brand in China. Until David Stern rips up the 2011-12 schedule it’s safe to say no player would make that kind of commitment.

All that being said Bryant is still open to exploring options overseas. If the price is right and the situation makes sense, of course. So until you hear it from Kobe himself chances are it’s just a rumor.

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