NBA Labor Talks Gaining Momentum

Finally there is some serious movement on ending the NBA lockout. While we’re still nowhere near a definite resolution there is, at least, an honest effort being made by both sides. Naturally it took the threat of lost revenue to get the fire lit but so be at as long as those coals stay hot.

After some intense sessions this past week the two sides are reported to be getting together again next week. The good news is that the future session are said to be widened as more members on both sides will be in the room.

Again this is another good sign. It took long enough but better late than never…I guess.

With Derek Fisher repping the players and David Stern the owners there are enough calming voices in key positions to keep whatever positive momentum there might be going forward. However if there is any progress being made nobody is saying so directly. But that’s the way it should.

No need to go all LeBron James and talk about the signed CBA before ink ever touches the page. Just keep grinding and get a deal done…soon.

The clock is ticking and enough time has already been wasted. All of the European escape talk has quieted in recent weeks. That too is a good sign as more and more players are realizing how much they would miss being stateside for the season.

The next two weeks are by far the most crucial. NBA camps are set to open in just under a month. Unlike the NFL, the NBA preseason isn’t nearly as vital. Not with an 82-game regular season and not with most rosters being set the second free agency concludes.

Which brings us to the most important part of these negotiations.

Players seeking to get a Joe Johnson cash grab will be SOL. The new CBA isn’t going to permit for players of any caliber to break the bank as they have in the past. Therefore free agency will not only be accelerated but also reduced in terms of figures.

But I’m getting too far ahead in the process.

Right now what is most important is to stay at the negotiating table until an agreement is made and a new NBA is born. Until then there is no need to spend another weekend away from bargaining. Now is the time to grind. Putting in long hours at the table now will alleviate the need to pull all-nighters later.

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