5 Reasons to Be Optimistic About the Lakers Season

The NBA lockout has put the entire hoops world in limbo. Right about now we’re doing what all interested parties involved are doing – waiting. Despite all of the doom and gloom there is reason to be optimistic. I mean no way both sides simply walk away with their hands raised in the air and that Bud Selig look of impotence on their faces. Right?

After all that goodwill built up by the drama of last season it would be straight up suicidal for David Stern to allow his legacy to be tainted by a costly cancellation.

That’s why LSL is taking the glass-is-half-full perspective. We the fans want the Lakers and the Lakers want us, the fans. So here are 5 reasons to be optimistic about the Lakers season.

5) The Continued Labor Talks – Before we get too far down the road we need a new CBA in place. Without that there is no season. While that is a rather obvious statement it was one you couldn’t have even considered after last week. However, both sides have shown that championship resolve to get back to the table and get a deal done. While it is hard to trust those rumors of progress it is an encouraging sign that the owners and players are back on the grind.

4) A Veteran Team Needs the Sense of Urgency – The Lake Show is a little long in the tooth. We know this as all that NBA wear and tear took its toll last season. After the Mavs left the Lakers with a taste in their mouth worse than kissing Lindsay Lohan at 5am on Sunday morning, this team has much to prove. The lockout combined with the reality of careers winding down should provide ample urgency for the Lakers. Kobe Bryant’s body has had time to heal. Pau Gasol has had a summer in his native country to sow those oats and forget about past heartache. Lamar Odom has dealt with grief and is no doubt looking for an outlet. All of those factors should have a furious fire lit under every man in Purple and Gold.

3) Mike Brown Won’t Rock the Boat – I don’t want to call Coach Brown a pushover but let’s be honest. When he was in Cleveland LeBron was the Jacqueline to his Marcus. Now, I don’t think for a second Coach Brown won’t put his foot down when needed. I’m just saying that dude has a way of letting it ride when he’s got a good thing going. Sometime staying down is the best way of getting up. The Lakers are a veteran team that knows what it takes to hang a banner. Given the short period of time Brown will have to work with his team there is no way he tries to reinvent the wheel on the fly. He’ll put his stamp on the team but will ultimately rely on his leaders to do what they do while being the guide hand should the team lose control of its dribble every once and awhile.

2) The Roster is Written in Ink – Once we do get a season there won’t be much time for an offseason. That means the Lakers will among the few teams that aren’t going to have to scramble to fill holes by making haphazard transactions. This team needs a tune-up but not a full rebuild. As far as chemistry goes, these guys are the periodic table. They know each other like Tomax and Xamot knew each other’s pain. We’re talking about a team built to ride through title town without having to pop the trunk and roll out a spare. Some teams will be using pencil to fill out their roster while the Lakers can ink theirs with a wide tip Sharpie.

1) The Lakers Aren’t Going Anywhere – Let’s take a step back and look at the big picture. For a second forget about expectations. Don’t worry about drama. Ignore hype. If you’re reading this blog then you’ve got an unshakeable love for the Lakers. The city of Los Angeles will always be home to the Lake Show, the Buss family will make sure of that. No matter how the NBA landscape changes in the coming years, we’re always going to have the Purple and Gold to root for. If you love the game then you’re not going to have to live without great NBA hoops. As a Raiders fan I know the pain of a team that walks away. The city supports the Lakers and the Lakers support the city. It is a symbiotic relationship. Like all great relationships this moment of trepidation, known as the lockout, has only strengthened our bond. We can’t wait to have them back and they can’t wait for us to welcome them. Bring on the season!

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