Owners Hold Key to End NBA Lockout

It took four months but the players have finally turned the table on the owners in this ridiculous NBA lockout. After months of contentious deadlines and dealings the NBA owners have finally reached the crossroads.

Despite all the rumors of decertification and union dissention, the players stood as a united front in rejecting the current proposal. They then turned around, rolled up their sleeves and got right back to the negotiating table.

By being willing to accept an even revenue split, the players have put the onus on the owners. Now all eyes shift towards the owners and their infighting.

The owners demanded a 50-50 split in order to even resume talks. The player obliged. Now there is talk of certain owners demanding the players take less than 50% of the revenue. Greed has a name and that name is Michael Jordan.

Now MJ is by no means the face of this lockout. He might be among the most notable names but he is not the lone voice of dissention amongst NBA owners. Still, Jordan’s stance is very revealing on just how the owners have viewed this situation all along.

Let’s not mince words. This is a good, old fashioned cash grab. Plain and simple.

NBA owners want all they can get. There is little concern for the product, even less for the players and their well being. David Stern and his demonstrative deadlines have all been ploys manipulated by the owners.

To be fair not all of the owners are sharks in a tank with two drops of blood. It is this very divide that threatens any progress. After another marathon session Commissioner Stern gave a no-news-is-no-news type of quote. Stern knows his real job is uniting the owners. That has been the real task all along.

So here we stand. Four months into the process and the owners still can’t get on the same page. The players are united with one common goal. They want to play ball. The real question holding up this lockout now falls in the laps of the billionaires. Where the stand will determine the fate of this season. Ironic when you consider the fact that they locked out the players to begin with.

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