Eva Longoria Meets Matt Barnes at LAX, Speculation Ensues

Just because a hot actress gives a newly single ball player a ride from LAX doesn’t mean the two adults are an item. TMZ reported and documented Eva Longoria giving Matt Barnes a lift from the airport. Let’s just leave it at that…for now.

Apparently there isn’t much more than a nice friendship to speculate on here. One thing we know for sure is that Ms. Longoria loves her some ball players.

You’ll recall that once upon a time Longoria was married to Tony Parker. Now I’m not going to toss that “G” word out there when it comes to Longoria and her affinity for NBA ballers. But if you are consistently seen around people who are members of a certain “group” then what does that make you?

Just sayin’.

According to TMZ’s multitude of sources Barnes and Longoria are just really good friends who do some charity work together. No telling if said charity work includes the Desperate Housewife helping Barnes to get over his recent breakup. But that is just more speculation.

So, for the record: All Longoria did was pickup a buddy from LAX. All Barnes did was try to hide his face while being picked up. All we know is that these two are friends…and Longoria is an NBA groupie.

Other than that everything else is just speculation…for now.

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