Time For Lamar Odom to Show Championship Resolve

Life has dealt Lamar Odom a cruel hand. By now most of you must know a lot about LO’s tumultuous life. No need to rehash all the details. If you’re not knowing let’s just say that death and disappointment have a way of finding their way wherever Lamar goes.

Despite all of that Odom has managed to make quite a life for himself. Never one to give up and walk away from adversity, Odom has always faced it head on and more often than not has come out as the winner.

Just look at his hoops career.

Odom was considered by many to be the best high school baller in the nation during his senior year. Due to some issues with his eligibility LO had to briefly enroll in a JUCO, was at UNLV for a hot second before finally making his way to Rhode Island. When Odom finally got his chance to play he flashed those Magic Johnson-esque skills. Before you knew it Odom was a top 5 draft pick. It took him a minute to find his place in the NBA too though. Odom was soon known more for a drug suspension than he was for his game. The irony now is nobody even thinks of that anymore. The name Lamar Odom is synonymous with so much more such as champion, 6th man of the year and, yes, reality star.

The point is dude has overcome a lot no matter has been thrown at him.

That is why Lamar’s late arrival and early exit from the first day of practice is so concerning.

No matter how many times you hear that clichéd saying of “it’s just business” the pain feel just the same when you’re caught in one of those “just business” moments. Odom’s teary confession to Stephen A. Smith spoke volumes towards how he felt about potentially being traded for Chris Paul.

Now I’m not one of these fans that just looks at pro ball as a game only. For those men that play the game it is their life. No matter how much money you make about all you can ask for are stability, respect and hopefully success. Being traded or nearly traded is a tough pill to swallow for sure.

Odom has sacrificed a lot to be a Laker. After winning his first title, Odom could have easily cashed in, checked out and lived the high life. Instead Odom took a nearly 50% pay cut just to remain a Laker. He’s taken on whatever role the team has asked including coming off the bench. That might not seem like much but Odom has been in the starting five as long as he’s been hooping. Having to take on that role this late in your career is humbling.

Despite all of that LO has risen to every challenge and come out a better player in the end.

Today Odom opened up to L.A. Times about where his head is and how he’s dealing with the matter.

“To me, I would think it’s better to stay away. You know, the energy and all. I don’t know how it’s going to go right now. It’s a little weird.”

“I don’t know if it’s going to happen overnight or it’s going to be a drawn-out process. I don’t want to offend the sport and the professionalism. Right now, I’ll be a fan of the game from the distance. But as of right now, I just don’t know.”

Clearly Odom was offended. Business or not he feels betrayed. That is more than understandable. What I’m hoping to see is some of that championship resolve.

If Odom’s goal is to be traded so he can rid himself of the situation then he needs to show up and ball every time his feet touch wood.

If he wants to show Mitch Kupchak how wrong he was then the only way to do it is by balling out of control.

Either way I’m hoping Odom once again rises to the challenge and overcomes this adversity. He might not feel wanted by the team but the fans have LO’s back and if he’s there on Christmas Day he’ll feel the love.

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