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No Chance Broken Nose Keeps Kobe Bryant Off Court

Kobe Bryant has played through the pain of a finger in need of surgery, a knee in dire need of rest, an ankle that needed constant therapy and a wrist minus a ligament. So how exactly is a “nasal fracture” going to keep him out of action now that the NBA season is resuming?

Funny, when the injury actually happened Bryant was only off the court long enough to get napkins in his nose for blood. Before you knew it he was back in the All-Star fray, helping the West to finish off the East.

Over the years we’ve seen Kobe struggle through injury just to suit up for otherwise meaningless games in the grand scheme of things. So no matter what the specialist which Bryant is due to see says today I’m giving a 100% chance of a Mamba sighting against Minnesota on Wednesday.

Now the only way you see Bryant on the sideline is if there is some lingering concussion issue. That will take the decision out of Kobe’s hands as the NBA is going the route of the NFL with regards to brain trauma. Only and only in that circumstance will you see Kobe sitting out.

So fear not, Laker fans. Not that you needed any reminding but Bryant is just as tough and determined as he’s ever been. Just chalk up all the nose talk to more media manipulation necessary to keep those clicks coming during the NBA downtime.

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