NBA Concussion Policy To Dictate Status Of Kobe Bryant

These are much different times in the sports world. In attempts to distance professional leagues in the modern era from gladiator spectacles of the past new policies on player health have been implemented. The NFL is currently the leader in the clubhouse on concussion policy. But when you’re continuously fighting off law suits, policy change is about the least you can do.

To be sure all the new rules and regulations are with player safety at the forefront…at least that’s the spin put on the new medical doctrines of sports.

With all that being said it looks like Kobe Bryant could find himself sitting out games until he’s given a clean bill of health. As previously stated there is no way a broken nose was going to keep Mamba out of action. However his toughness can’t overcome the NBA’s concussion policy.

As part of the collateral damage done by Dwyane Wade’s overzealous foul committed during the All-Star game, Bryant sustained a concussion in addition to his broken beak. Yesterday Bryant was examined and as of now he’s day-to-day in dealing with his concussion.

Per league policy a player that has sustained a concussion must be symptom free for a full 24-hours before being cleared. In order to get a clean bill Bryant must go through a series of physical tests.

Already this season Cleveland’s top pick Kyrie Irving has missed games due to concussion policy so a precedent has already been set.

Kobe will again undergo tests today in hopes of being allowed to participate in tonight’s contest against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Right about now this is that last thing the Lakers need. They’re barely hanging onto the 6th playoff seed in the West not to mention all the recent drama. Going through a stretch without Bryant could all but end any hopes of being in a position to contend for a title…not that there was any reality of another banner being hung this year any way.

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