March 2, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers small forward Metta World Peace (15) throws a ball in bounds in the second half of the game at the Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

No Chance Lakers Lose For World Peace

Mike Brown has confirmed what anyone with common sense already knew.

“That we lose (Game 5) so that we can extend the series to get Metta World Peace back. I’m not even going to answer that. To me, that’s a joke. When they said that to me, I just laughed. No, if we can win the game, we’re going to try to win the game.”

The notion of the Lakers losing just so they can get Metta World Peace back in time for a possible meeting with the Oklahoma City Thunder in round two was always foolish. As if losing for the sake of World Peace was ever an option.

I’d love to see Coach Brown trying to sell that idea to Kobe Bryant. You’d have an easier time selling Tim Tebow on the idea of endorsing Planned Parenthood than telling Kobe to throw one for the sake of World Peace. Heck, Kobe wouldn’t lose on purpose if meant actual peace on earth.

I’d also love to know what world exists in which an erratic defender who has his best days in the rearview is so important to a team that they’d actually consider throwing a playoff game. Really? Playoffs? Are you kidding me? Playoffs! Don’t talk about throwing a game in the playoffs!

Even Andrew Bynum thinks that is a terrible idea especially since close-out games are so “easy” to win.

Then again, given Bynum’s logic he could very well be the one leading the charge to get Metta back. We’ll know soon enough if that’s the case. Should we see another unprepared Bynum tonight then we’ll know the fix is in.

Seriously though? I can’t believe anybody would even entertain the notion let alone ask Brown such a question. No doubt it will be necessary to have an engaged World Peace against the Thunder. Oh…but the Lakers do have to actually eliminate the Nuggets first before that becomes a topic for serious discussion.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d be as shocked as Lamar Odom being traded to New Orleans if the Lakers fail to get out of the first round up 3-1 on Denver. Still, there’s just no sense in intentionally extending a series for the sake of a player suspension. That seems as smart as throwing an intentional elbow at the dome of an opposing player in plain sight of all of Staples Center. Wouldn’t you agree, Metta?

Sorry conspiracy theorists. Should the Lakers lose tonight it will be because of indifference and not as  a means to gain World Peace for a series that might not even happen.

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