Brandon Roy to the Lakers? Sure, in 2008

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It’s been confirmed that Brandon Roy is going to make a legitimate comeback after retiring due to deteriorated knees.

The 27-year-old 2-guard had a bright future and some billed him as the next Kobe Bryant after his first four seasons in Portland were all wildly successful. Roy was the cornerstone for the Blazers’ efforts to rebuild, and had the knees bent the right way, they might have been the young, draft-built championship team before the OKC Thunder made it cool.

Of course, now that he’s coming back, there’s speculation as to what kind of form he’ll be in, and who he’ll play for. Among those teams rumored to be a landing spot? Your always-involved-in-drama-and-high-profile-acquisitions-laden Los Angeles Lakers.

The reasoning behind it is fine: The Lakers desperately need depth and someone to create their own shots outside of the Lakers’ big three. LA was hurting for instant offense off the bench, as well as a formidable backup to Kobe Bryant. They also need more perimeter scoring, and someone who can spot up and knock down an open three, while also having the ability to slash just enough to make defenders think twice about bodying up as close as they can to prevent an outside shot.

Brandon Roy is the perfect man. Like, four years ago, at least.

Because there’s no way in hell Brandon Roy’s going to do any of those things effectively. The dude’s knees are long gone; cartilage doesn’t regenerate and Kobe Bryant’s innovative put-my-own-blood-back-into-my-knee-after-spinning-it-a-few-times surgery is in its beta stages. Are the Lakers really going to rely on a surgery that may not be as effective as it was on Kobe’s knees (although, Kobe had his worst season in quite a few years, but talking heads on TV don’t seem to notice)? Hell, is Brandon Roy really willing to sacrifice ever walking self-sufficiently again to become something of a sixth man in a season where he might prove to be as mediocre as he was in his final season in the NBA?

This isn’t a knock on Brandon Roy’s courage and love for the game; I felt as horrible as anyone did, knowing that Roy could’ve been the NBA’s next great superstar, but unfortunate circumstances kept him out.

But for the Lakers to garner more distraction than they need, with the extra media attention focused on Roy’s attempt at a comeback? And the lack of cohesion that could result in increased playing time for Roy, especially if it doesn’t work out? Not even for the veteran’s minimum would this work out, because we’d be experimenting needlessly with rotations while also being incredibly dependent on Roy being the dude that we’re billing as the Lakers’ sixth man.

Screw that, man. I’m praying Brandon Roy succeeds, and hopefully he lands himself in Phoenix (where Amar’e Stoudemire rose to his prime despite would-be career-altering microfracture surgery and where Grant Hill revitalized his career) or some other place that could nurse him back to being 2/3 of what he was (which is still a pretty damn good role player). But LA doesn’t need it. Not this year, where the heat will be turned up immensely on Mike Brown, and where Kobe Bryant could retire at the end of it, championship or not.

This team needs to be smart, not flashy. Let’s hope they get that.

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  • RustyHandler

    you are literally the worst lakers website i have ever seen. kobe had his worst season? First, 48/per, he has one of his best seasons in years. Secondly, look at the stats of those around him. Basketball is a team game, how do you not know this?

  • RustyHandler

     @RustyHandler Oh, you goto UCLA. Makes sense now. 

  • RustyHandler

    Kobe had his worst season? Look at his 48/per stats and it’s identical to the past 5+ years. Take your “talents” back to UCLA. 

  • RustyHandler

    And your reasoning in this is just horrible. I hope you aren’t getting paid to write because you are absolutely horrible at every bit of your research. 

  • carlosatUCLA

     @RustyHandler Yeah? How about you look at his usage rate and field goal percentages, along with his eFG% and TS%? How about his offensive rating, and his offensive win shares? How about his PER, and his win shares per 48 minutes? What about the number of shots he jacks per 36 minutes, despite his mediocre shooting clip? 
    I hope you aren’t getting paid to troll, because you are absolutely horrible at life. 

  • RustyHandler

     @carlosatUCLA  You realize a .02% change in any of those is hardly reason enough to call this year his “worst season”. He only played 58 games, of course his win shares are lower–there are less games to win. 

  • RustyHandler

     @carlosatUCLA And even if he played all the games this season, the win shares would still be lower. 

  • carlosatUCLA

     @RustyHandler Then don’t look at his win-shares. Let’s look at his piss-poor 43 percent shooting percentage despite taking the most shots per game he’s taken since 2005-06, except now he doesn’t have the “Kwame Brown, Smush Parker” excuse. Look at his usage rate, which is the highest since that same season (and sure, it was high last year too; note that we lost because Kobe refused to stick with the triangle and work within it). 
    What about his offensive rating, weighted per 100 possessions to account for less games, which is the lowest since his rookie season, 16 years ago? 
    And his eFG%, at .462, his lowest in his ENTIRE career? And the true shooting percentage, also the lowest in his WHOLE career? How about his lowest 3pt percentage in 10 years, while taking the most 3s per game in the past five years? 
    I get Kobe’s an icon, but be objective. Quit being a Kobe fan, and start being a Laker fan. 

  • carlosatUCLA

     @RustyHandler And, MIND YOU, he’s taking up 33% of the Lakers’ payroll BY HIMSELF. 

  • RustyHandler

     @carlosatUCLA This may all be true, but the point of me picking at all this was to prove to you that your article is completely wrong in saying Brandon Roy has no value to the Lakers.
    If he has been training daily, like he said he has, then he sure as hell has enough to go daily in game situations off the bench. 
    No, he will never be a starter in the NBA, but he will be an effective bench scorer. Something the Lakers desperately need. 

  • carlosatUCLA

     @RustyHandler Will he be an effective bench scorer? Will he be the instant offense we need and contributing that way in a 9-man rotation? 
    We need athleticism, and Roy doesn’t have it. He’s going to expect at least 15 to 20 minutes a game, too, and how can we consider the experiment to be a positive-sum risk if we’re going to have to deal with him complaining if he is not up to par? 
    And then there’s the other side of it: His knees were far worse than Kobe’s were, and he’s only 27. That centrifuge thing was good for Kobe, but there’s a reason it hasn’t happened in the US here yet. It’s in testing. That’s if he actually went through that. 
    The training won’t help; if anything, his knee cartilage will degenerate faster. I get what you’re saying, and he had a lot of potential, but it’s so damn easy to fall in love with a guy who captured our hearts three years ago, and who ripped them out this past year. 

  • RustyHandler

     @carlosatUCLA I will take Brandon Roy(see: playoff return) with his knees over almost all our bench. We don’t need athleticism, that is not what this offense runs on. This is a Spurs-esque offense for gods sake. 
    The reason why the procedure hasn’t been approved in the US? In it’s purest form it’s doping. It’s cheating the system, and the United States isn’t about cheating any systems. 
    Brandon Roy off the bench for 20-25 minutes per game would be a welcome change from the likes of Matt Barnes(post-season) and Troy Murphy. This bench was HORRIBLE this past season because we were looking for players that could replace former Lakers(even dating back to the Mad Dog himself) rather than those that fit Mike Brown’s offense. We need change. This is a good fit. 

  • carlosatUCLA

     @RustyHandler It’s not doping if it’s your own blood. 
    This league is built around athleticism right now, and much like other teams had to build around our height in 2007-2010, we have to adjust and build athleticism to go along with whatever height we’ll have left. Sure, I’ll take Roy over Matt Barnes most days, too, but I’d take quite a few other solid bench players over Roy any day as well. 
    Roy had one good playoff game in that time, but the rest, he was awful. We can’t assume he’s going to bring that kind of offense game in and out. If he’s okay with playing 10 minutes a game, fine. But he won’t be, because he’s got too much damn heart. 
    That said, I’ll change my tune if Kupchak actually extends an offer to Roy. They’re damn good at figuring out which players are worth the time for. At the same time, and I obviously haven’t seen Roy practice or workout, I doubt this dude’s back to 70% of what he was. 
    We’ll see. With Deshawn Stevenson and other 2-guards who might be willing to take a paycut for a title, I’d rather give those veteran’s minimum contracts to players who are healthy. 

  • Jhomie

    At this point Brandon Roy is better than anything that is coming off the Lakers bench, sans meniscus and all. What’s the harm in giving him a chance? Roy is a superstar talent but really had no ego, similar to Kevin Durant, which makes me believe that he would accept any kind of role, and most importantly, he’s going to leave 100% on the court regardless. 

  • Jhomie

    At this point Brandon Roy is better than anything that is coming off the Lakers bench, sans meniscus and all. What’s the harm in giving him a chance? Roy was a superstar talent but really had no ego which makes me believe that he would accept any kind of role. Most importantly, he’s going to leave 100% on the court regardless. 

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