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Andrew Bynum For Dwight Howard Rumors Resume

It was supposed to be the next best trade the Lakers could have made once Communist Stern vetoed the Chris Paul deal. Andrew Bynum for Dwight Howard was all the hoops world could talk about as soon as Paul was pushed over to the other side of Staples Center.

Then Bynum broke out, Howard broke down and the deal seemingly lost all its momentum.

Now we’re right back where we stared as Yahoo! Sports reports that the Lakers are in the mix for the Dwight Howard sweepstakes with the Magic supposedly interested in Bynum and Bynum alone in exchange for Howard.

For those not knowing, Howard requested to be traded almost the second free agency began early this morning. According to reports he asked to be dealt to New Jersey after spending an indecisive and injury plagued season ducking any trade rumors. Now the man that ripped the diva crown from the head of LeBron James is back to his demanding ways.

No telling what will happen but the NBA offseason is already in full swing.

So what do you think Lakers faithful, Is this the right move to make?

Should the Lakers trade Andrew Bynum for Dwight Howard?

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  • J Taylor

    Bynum’s Immaturity lost him the key to the golden goose. He’s proven unreliable and a strong argument can be made that he’ll test the free agency market. Howards’ mouth and shenanegans have burned his bridges in Orlando and now he’s showing his derriere by trying to force a trade to the nets (openly saying, “i’m going to test free agency in a year” is also a step toward shooting himself int he foot.
    In this case, trading both may be the best situation. It gives both sides a chance to see the other side and let time heal all wounds (and let the NBA shift and change in 1 season).  At this point, the question beckons as to which one you;d rather go through a Free agency scare with….
    I’d take the gamble and guess that Howard will settle down in a stable and winning environment, AND that he won’t want to face the scrutiny of abandoning a second team (The Lakers!). The public and media love heroes, not spoiled brat overpaid superstars. Will he become the next hated superstar and assume LeBron’s crown? I’d take the gamble.