Kobe Bryant Kinda Calls Lakers Fans Dumb

I’m willing to give Kobe Bryant a pass…for now. It’s November and no matter what KB24 says he’s already got his surly playoff scowl on. You can hear it in his voice in interviews. You can see it in his demonstrative demeanor on the court. And if you want even more proof then just ask him what he thinks of Laker fans that are already in a panic after yet another 0-2 start to the season.

Seems Bryant doesn’t think very highly of Lakers faithful that have already opened the case on the panic button. I get where he’s coming from. It is too early to panic. But it’s certainly not too early to be concerned.

That said Kobe is seriously butt-hurt over how the city of L.A. is reacting to the team’s terrible start. How upset is he? So befuddled is Mamba that he lashed out in that classic Kobe passive-aggressive sort of way. Bryant is beside himself when trying to understand the city’s early angst.

“I just … I don’t understand … the city here … for me not trying to bite my tongue and not calling them dumb, which I kinda just did. They’ve seen us win multiple championships here, playing an offense that was tough to learn, that was a sequence of options that weren’t set plays that took five guys being on the same page of working together. They know how that stuff works. For them to be so stupid now. They say, ‘Well, let Steve dribble the ball around and create opportunities for everybody. And let Dwight post up and let me iso.’ It’s … I don’t want to say idiotic, but it’s close.”

Again, I’m willing to give Kobe a pass. He won’t admit it but even he’s got to have serious concerns. Bryant’s time in the NBA is limited. Each passing day must remind him that the end is drawing near. So his desire to earn more championship jewelry is threatened with each lackluster loss whether he’s willing to admit it or not.

That said Bryant isn’t so high and mighty that he’s earned the right to question the hoops intelligence of Laker fans. He above all should know this town demands excellence. That’s a main course that rarely comes with a side of patience.

Kobe would be advised to slow his roll. Obviously he’s reading and hearing what’s being said. And clearly Kobe is offended that his past hasn’t bought him a pass when it comes to uninspired hoops.

News flash, Kobe. You might be the greatest Laker ever but just know once your time is gone the franchise won’t fold and we’ll still be here. Greatness is never forgotten but it sure does fade over time. Hopefully we’re not witnessing the slow fade to black of a would-be dynasty.

For now Bryant should just focus on fine tuning all those basketball intricacies we ‘stupid’ fans are unaware of. I’m sure a few wins will make all this go away. Or has Kobe forgotten that in addition to being ‘dumb’ that we also have short-term memories?

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  • Mitt Howell

    All Los Angelenos are dumb.

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  • nick

    Who the fuck are to tell kobe you gonna give him a pass for now Do you know who your talking to a 5 time nba champion you think he fucking cares what you think No he does Not but wha you are going to do is know your role and shut your mouth with your stupid articles

  • Enrique

    Kobe is just mad because he kept turning the ball over like i’ver never seen before. In the playoffs too he had very bad turnovers. I’m a Laker fan and i know the Lakers will get their shit together but for now Kobe is just frustruated he’s not used to losing 2 games in regular season and having a winless pre-season. I’m sure he expected much better than that after acquiring Nash and Howard. GO LAKERS!