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NBA All-Star 2013: Betting On All-Star Saturday

So, you’re disappointed because the Lakers are languishing. Can’t take another second of the Dwightmare.

That’s why it’s time to load up on some bets to keep you invested in the NBA’s All-Star weekend.

Now before we get started, let’s make something clear. Only degenerates bet on the Shooting Stars and Skills Competition.  If you really need gambling advice on those events then do yourself a favor and just go burn your cash in the sink.

Otherwise…follow me to betting bliss.

So fish some money out of your savings account. Keep the booze handy and do yourself a favor by betting against my picks below. These odds come courtesy of Bovada.

Three-Point Contest

Stephen Curry 2/1

Steve Novak 11/4

Ryan Anderson 15/4

Kyrie Irving 19/4

Matt Bonner 5/1

Paul George 17/2

Now keep in mind we’re in the business of making money…not picking winners. If you follow that logic then follow me to Steve Novak nirvana. I’m loving the odds on Novak but really feeling the 5 to 1 being offered on Matt Bonner.

LSL Pick: Steve Novak – yeah, the odds are long for a reason but we’re not concerned with anything other than having some cash to put down on the NCAA this week.

Dunk Contest

James White 11/10

Gerald Green 4/1

Terrence Ross 17/4

Kenneth Faried 23/4

Eric Bledsoe 6/1

Jeremy Evans 9/1

This really is a good field with some really good odds. White is the favorite and for good reason. Anybody who remembers this dude from his McDonald’s All-American days knows why. But this is about turning a profit. Not being right. Keep up with the degenerate logic here.

At just over 4 to 1 payout Terrence Ross is the way to go. Sure, Green and Evans are past champs with great odds. While Bledsoe and Faried are very tempting. In fact, this is one that you might want to hedge on. None the less…

LSL Pick: Terrence Ross – He’s just waiting to bust out on the national scene and the odds are right. You’re welcome!

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