Roundtable Discussion: Dwight Howard and the Lakers

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Nothing will be more broken down and analyzed than Dwight Howard and his future with the Lakers. The game of should he stay or should he go will be played non-stop until Dwight signs the dotted line with a team this summer.


We here at Lake Show Life thought we’d break down Dwight and the Lakers’ options this summer.


Will Dwight Howard resign with the Lakers?


Apr 28, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard (12) leaves the court after being ejected with two technical fouls against the San Antonio Spurs in game four of the first round of the 2013 NBA playoffs at the Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Caleb Cottrell (@Caleb_Cottrell) – I’m so undecided about this. I think he stays, but who really knows? I’m not sure Dwight Howard himself knows what he’s going to do yet. I think Los Angeles is the perfect place for Howard. The Lakers give him the best shot at being the leader — Harden is the leader in Houston –, they give him the best place to endorse himself, and they can give him the most money. I don’t know how Howard says no to all that.

Jacob Rude (@JacobRude) - I haven’t flip-flopped on a decision as much as I have this one. Midway through the season, I would have told you no way he returns. At the end of the season, everything seemed to be pointing to a return. But given his rumored comments and actions this off-season, I’m back to uncertainty. I believe that, after all the pitches are given, the Lakers will give Dwight the best chance at a title, and he will be a Laker next season.

Skyler Gilbert (@SkylerJGilbert) – With about 70 percent confidence, I think we’ll see Dwight wear number 12 in purple and gold next season. Kobe implied in an interview that he has some tricks up his sleeve that he’ll unleash in his final attempt to pry Howard back and I feel like it’ll work. As outlined in the current CBA, Dwight can earn more by staying with the Lakers than he can going elsewhere. Furthermore, few cities can compete with the accolades that Los Angeles provides. Endorsement deals, hot weather, and a heck of a legacy for big men in the Laker’s history make a stay in LA very enticing.

Brian Booth (@BBooth248) – Well, that really is the million dollar question this summer. His decision will shape the future of the Lakers for probably the next few years at least. I wrote a column last week discussing the pros and cons of re signing with the Lakers. I really think Houston makes a lot of sense for him long term, but I also really don’t think he burns two NBA franchises in his career. I say he stays.

Fern Rea (@fullcourtfern) – Based on all the reports that are out there, I would assign a percentage of 60 percent that Dwight returns. There are things with the Los Angeles Lakers that I believe are concerns of Howard, such as D’Antoni’s coaching philosophy, the intense media scrutiny and high expectations of the Lakers franchise and fanbase. I think Howard would just find it easier being in a smaller market where the pressure to win isn’t as great and playing for a coach that would fully commit to a low post focused style offense.

At the end of the day however, the Lakers have the ability to pay more, provide that extra year in his contract and still give him a great chance to win now with Kobe, Pau and Nash.

Colin Lopez (@colinRlopez) – I believe Dwight will resign with the Lakers. Until I see a player turn down a 5-year $118 million contract, I have to believe money will trump everything else. Los Angeles also offers Howard the best opportunities for sponsorship money as well. Houston and Dallas, two of his key suitors, have to work hard to clear the cap space to fit a max contract for Howard.

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