5 Bold Predictions for the 2013-14 Lakers

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The Los Angeles Lakers of next season will be unlike any Laker team in recent memory: devoid of expectation. This team is seen by most as a filler until the theatrics of next summer. Until then, we’ll have a very weird, hopefully entertaining, and assuredly mediocre Lakers team. While you can’t count out a trio of Steve Nash, Pau Gasol, and Kobe Bryant, that trio has a lot of games and even more minutes on their legs. But that trio will provide LA a brief return to a Showtime-esque offense with the passing of Gasol and Nash, the greatness of Bryant, and the addition of young players like Jordan Farmar, Nick Young, and Wes Johnson. Just don’t expect them to be able to stop anything more than a nosebleed.


With all that in mind, the predictions for this Laker team could fall anywhere between a lottery team and a playoff team, depending on how bold you want to get. Considering I’m in the mood to be bold today, let’s make some bold predictions on how this Laker season will turn out, some of which I believe, and some which are a bit farfetched. But you’ll never know which ones are which.

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  • Jim213

    I agree with most of the article but it stills seems that management is settling for a mediocre type of team this off season. I do see Farmar backing up Nash which leaves us with Blake who should get traded IMO for a future #2 pick or a solid player to help us fill some holes.

    As long as Nash can stay healthy then I also see him playing his type of style. I’m not sure that whether Odom will sign with the Lakers given Doc Rivers and a better offer that the Clipps would likely make in the future. Thus, I’d make sense to bring in CDR to move Young and the roster to a more favorable situation.

    I also agree that Nash and Kobe will be big contributors especially if Nash can perform at his usual level which many analysts have down played. However, given that Gasol played best within the triangle defense and since?… I believe he’ll be making more money than Lebron in 2014 which doesn’t make sense. Three team trade for Rondo or send him to a lower seed team to acquire a future 2014 #1 draft pick likely placing us in the lottery mix.

    As regards to Kobe he did mention that his time frame was around Nov/Dec thus if he wants to play 3 to 4 more years he should be very cautious especially if he expects to make the most opportunity $$$ come 2014 free agency. Kobe should come back when he’s 90%=100%.

    Management has done a bad/HORRIBLE job this past year and given that plan a & b=DH, plan c is in effect. So far I’d give management a B- IMO but with the possible acquisition of Odom then a solid B. However, given that Nash or Gasol couldn’t hold it down except their wallets I don’t see anyone holding the fort until Kobe’s return which most likely would be Nov/Dec.

    Plan C should’ve been implemented sooner to attract other solid players that could’ve helped Kobe in the paint like Iguadola who appears to have taken less pay with the Warriors. Given Kobe’s injury we shouldn’t expect him to come back at his normal level right off the bat as it’ll take some time for him to play at his usual high level.

    Thus, management should’ve acquired Nate Robinson as an insurance policy for Kobe who’d then be helping to hold the fort down. This would’ve also increased team depth likely placing us in the lower bottom of contenders but the chemistry, health, and depth of the team would’ve eventually determined if we’d be true contenders. However, Nate is heading to the Nuggs for a minimal contract suitable to our situation which with a few moves would’ve balanced out.

    Thus, management seems to be settling for a mediocre team given the lack of chemistry as they should focus more on acquiring solid team depth to help attain other stars come FA 2014. Management shouldn’t accommodate Dumbtoni’s run & gun type of style to an extent given that after next season he’d likely get canned before or after the season ends. Although, we don’t have a choice for now and will root for our team even though Dumbtoni’s style of offense/minimal defense doesn’t suit us today but there’s always hope…