Projecting the Lakers Rotation for 2013-14

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After a disappointing season last year, the Lakers did the best they could with limited cap room (read: non-existent) to turn over the roster and get younger. The result has been replacing Dwight Howard, Antawn Jamison, Metta World Peace, Chris Duhon, Darius Morris, and Devin Ebanks with Chris Kaman, Elias Harris, Wes Johnson, Nick Young, and Jordan Farmar. In essence, they got younger, quicker, and more athletic.


But how will these players fit in on the roster? It’s safe to say that Young and Farmar and upgrades over Duhon and Morris, but Kaman and Johnson are downgrades over Howard and MWP. In the end, what will the Lakers rotation look like next season? Who is going to get the bulk of the minutes? How will Kobe’s injury affect playing time for each player? Will Jodie Meeks, Young, and Farmar see more time at the shooting guard spot? Who spends time at the small forward? Does Kaman or Hill start?


While I don’t have any type of insider knowledge or sources, I do have a pretty good understanding of what Mike D’Antoni and the Lakers will attempt to do next season, based on the signings they’ve made this summer. Hopefully I can give you a better idea of what the Lakers rotation will look like next season. This will also be based on players being at full health, meaning this isn’t how the season will start, but how it will be at mid-season (ideally)

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