How Can Jim Buss Win Over Lakers Fans?

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Lakers fans are known around the league for being “spoiled and entitled.” Who can blame us? The basketball gods have favored the Lakers, whether it be a superstar player or a championship caliber team. Before last season, Jim Buss brought us two pieces most felt would turn the Lakers into Finals favorites – Dwight Howard and Steve Nash. As history shows, it didn’t work out how everyone had hoped, and now Jim Buss is a complete bum in the eyes of Lakers fans. He wasn’t given any credit for the trades that landed Steve Nash and Dwight Howard, but he received the brunt of the fans discontent when Dwight left. Although Jim seems to have done a good job, especially considering the new restrictions the CBA imposes, he is constantly the scapegoat for the Lakers. Here’s a few ways Jim can smooth things over with the Lakers faithful.

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  • Al

    My answers are 1. Act like Jerry Buss 2.Let Jeanne Buss run the team 3. Give Kupchak more power to make decisions.

    • Daryl Peek

      Please go listen to Jeanie’s 710 interview and hear truth. Jerry Buss wanted the power structure just as it is, so Jimmy is doing his best Jerry. No one is ever gonna be Dr. Buss.

      • Al

        I hear ya. I know Jim can’t be his father, but he better start emulating his fathers business decisions if he truly wanna win LakerNation over.

        • Daryl Peek

          Anyone that follows greatness needs time to prove his or her worth in comparison. IJS

          • Fern Rea

            I dont agree when it comes to something as big and as important to so many as the Lakers.

            the right person needs to be put at the top, it shouldnt be based on family ties. Dr. Jerry Buss wanted that but it should be whats in the best interest of the Lakers, not Dr. Buss’ wish.

          • Daryl Peek

            It’s his company. He paid the cost to be the boss. He always respected the fans and did all he could within reason to make them happy with the franchise.

            The 2005 interview Dr. Buss had with Michael Eaves is Showtime Bible IMO. Dr. Buss tells all in it and, it set the precedent of where things are today. Jimmy was in a kind of interim like position last season. Were all sure Dr. Buss would have liked better results but he also had his share of failures with West, the greatest basketball talent evaluator in league history.

            Dr. Buss also had the benefit of having Bill Sharmam early on as an owner. He bumped heads with both West and Sharman at times. They eventually worked it out as a collective. This is his legacy he chose to leave with his children.

            Given his success, who are we as fans to question his wishes? I love the part of the video’s interview where he speaks directly to this…

            “I understand it. I mean for one thing I was a fan a long time before I was an owner. But there are certain misconceptions. How many people have really sat in on FO decisions? The answer is the public perception of what occurs and what actually occurs, often time is very different.”

          • Fern Rea

            Its not his company, its the NBAs, basketballs and the fans. There are plenty of owners that would buy up his share in a second. The Lakers were the Lakers before Dr. Buss and his children and will be well after they are all gone.

            If his wishes are not in the best interest of the Lakers franchise then his wishes cant be honored.

            if Jimmy Buss is a detriment to the Lakers and has too much influence on basketball decisions, then he needs to be removed or his role should be reduced.

            I am saying if because we do not really know.

            It is what is in the best interest of the Lakers, not some family that bought the team some years ago. I know that is harsh but its reality.

          • Daryl Peek

            Who is a detriment? How do you come to that conclusion so quickly when you don’t know who’s individually making said detrimental decisions as perceived? Again as owner Dr. Buss paid the cost to be the boss, and he left his family in charge.

          • Fern Rea

            I havent come to that conclusion yet but there are too many signs already that he is not the right person for the job.

            The person at the top of the Lakers needs to be qualified and what qualifies Jim Buss?

            Rick Fox, Magic Johnson and Stephen A. Smith have already called him out for one thing or another.

            Have you heard this guy talk? He sounds like some uneducated, bumbling fool when he talks. Talking, being personable and likable is kinda of important when wooing free agents. Kobe decided to stay in LA because of Dr. Jerry Buss. do you see anybody staying for Jim Buss?

            He has no basketball experience and his background isnt even basketball, its horse racing and indoor soccer. Didnt play, coach, or move up the ranks slowly through the executive office. He was given the job by his dad.

            There is so much that concerns me about him and him being handed the position via nepotism that I cant detail it all here.

          • Daryl Peek

            “Rick Fox, Magic Johnson and Stephen A. Smith have already called him out for one thing or another.”

            None of them are inside the organization any more. And citing Stephen A. Smith? That dude is a complete hack!!

            Jimmy has been groomed for this day since 2000 when Jerry West left. Again no one will ever be Dr. Buss but Jimmy has done well in the confines of the collective given the new CBA and Stern blocking the CP3 trade. I can’t profess to know the exact schematics of the decision making process but it is a collective and has been that since 05 to my knowledge. I’m sure Jimmy has learned something during that time. Bottom line, as a fan I trust!

          • Fern Rea

            I needed a 3rd name for effect and couldnt think of anybody else quick enough. There were more but cant recall now.

  • Daryl Peek

    One word, WIN. All the who, what, when, where and why schematic’s are obsolete. Winning is all that matters.

  • Fern Rea

    If all these things happen Mitch will get the credit. If none of these things happen, Buss will get the blame.

    The issue is with the mystery of who runs what in the Lakers organzation. We really dont know what Jim Buss’ role is with the Lakers and how much influence he has in each of their decisions.

    • Daryl Peek

      !00% agree on the first paragraph. I do know Jimmy’s role though. Dr. Buss told us in 2005. It was a collective between he, Jimmy and Mitch on all basketball operations. The only thing that has changed is Dr. Buss passed. Jimmy and Mitch are now the collective.

      • Fern Rea

        Both Mitch and Jim went on more recent than that and stated the same but they didnt divulge how the influence is distributed. We know that Jimmy Buss and Mitch are involved in all team personal decisions, but how is the influence distributed? Is it 50/50? Is it Mitch 90 Jimmy 10? Who initiates deals or their ideas? Who has the final say? When Dr. Buss was alive we knew that answer, it was Dr. buss signing off, but now?

        The distribution of power and influence is not known. both skirt the question when asked.

        Have you heard Jim Buss talk? He does not sound like a guy that knows basketball yet he has final say?

        I really think that basketball operations should be run exclusively by basketball people and thats Mitch but it doesn’t SEEM like that is what is happening.

        • Daryl Peek

          Again, speculation. It was always a collective and it remains that. That’s how I see it. People act like Jimmy has made all the wrong moves and not been a part of any of the good personnel move lately? Again we don’t sit in on FO decisions as Dr. Buss stated. I as a Laker fan completely trust his judgement. No one is perfect.

          • Fern Rea

            You trust Dr. Buss judgement, as do I. You cant possibly trust Jim Buss judgement since you havent experienced it.

            What does collective mean? That doesnt tell us anything about whats going on. For all we know Jim Buss is merely informed of what’s going on but has little to no input. Or, Jim buss is heavily involved and overriding decisions of Mitch and scouts, making unilateral personel decisions, etc. We dont know.

  • Jim213

    Like I’ve stated too many times seems like too much of a to do list for management given their past year decisions. IMO

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  • paulyD

    Hire Phil Jackson as the coach with the ability to make personnel decisions and get rid of Kupcake. Then step down and let Jeannie take over.

  • Lora

    QUIT he has no sense bad decisions repeatedly all he can do is LEAVE