Power Ranking: Western Conference Contenders and Pretenders

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Where Did We Go So Wrong?

12. Mavs
11. Lakers

Apr 10, 2013; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Mavericks power forward Dirk Nowitzki (41) argues with referee Brian Forte (45) during the game against the Phoenix Suns at the American Airlines Center. The Suns defeated the Mavericks 102-91. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Rewind back to 2010-11. The Mavericks swept the two-time defending champion Lakers out of the playoffs en route to Dirk and the Mavs illustrious title run. The sweep sent the Lakers into a tailspin, one in which has seen them go 5-13 in the playoffs since. We know the Lakers are keyed in on the summer of 2014 more than the season of 2013, which means expect little from this season. At best, the Lakers are a fringe playoff team who will be one-and-done. At worst, we are destined for one of the worst seasons in recent memory.


The Mavs have tried summer after summer after summer to land a marquee free agent, and time after time they’ve failed. First Deron Williams, then Chris Paul, then Dwight Howard. The list goes on and on as Mark Cuban fills the Mavs with one-year rentals and strikes out again and again. Now, the team is set up for another summer of big name chasing next year, but until then, they’ll be a mediocre team for yet another season.

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  • Tito Puente

    “For the first time maybe ever, the Clippers are Los Angeles’ best team,”


    wow, Laker fans and their delusions, you probably think LeBron will be in purple and gold next year — don’t you?

    How soon they forget…


    The Clippers finished with a better record than the Lakers in 1992, in 1993, in 2005, in 2006 and in 2013, just a few months ago — when the Clippers won 11 more games than the Lakers.

    (The Lakers were also very impressive in 2007 & 2012, when they won a grand total of three more games than the Clips).

    So approximately 25 pct of the seasons that happened since you’ve been alive ended with the Lakers winning fewer games than the NBA’s laughingstock a.k.a. the Clippers?

    wow, that is funny…

    good one…

    • Daryl Peek

      From 92-present how many championships have the Clippers won? How many times have the Clippers gone further than the Lakers in the playoffs ever?

      I’ll even down grade it since you seem to be stuck on regular season accomplishments. How many Pacific Division titles have the Clippers won in said time span?

      Even better, how many times have the Lakers missed the playoffs VS. how many the Clippers have in said time span?

      People kill me trying to compare two years of what they call success to 64 years of complete dominance! These Lakers are only three season’s removed from three consecutive trips to the finals with back to back championships. The Lakers have only missed the playoffs 5 times in 64 years.

      Best basketball team in LA?

      wow, that’s really funny…

      good luck proving that…

      • Tito Puente

        wow, Laker fans can’t write — or read…

        i could care less about the Clips, was just stating facts, which you have yet to contradict…

        because when you write something this stupid people shouldn’t be able to dismiss is this easily…

        “For the first time maybe ever, the Clippers are Los Angeles’ best team,”

        one out of every four years in since 1992 the Clippers have a had a better record…

        batsh**t laker fans to the rescue*!!!


        *maybe if you type the letters k-o-b-e enough times it will make it so that isn’t true

        • Daryl Peek

          What has Kobe got to do with what I wrote as a Laker fan? Did I mention him? Moreover did I call you a Clipper fan?

          I guess Laker haters can’t comprehend the context of what they are reading due to being in such an emotional state while hating?

          “For the first time maybe ever, the Clippers are Los Angeles’ best team,”
          I’d say that’s an opinion first and foremost. Did they win more regular season games than the Lakers last season? Yes. Did they win the division for the first time in team history last season? Yes. Have they ever gone further than the Lakers in the playoffs ever? No!

          Again if you want to consider one pacific division title in team history coupled with a few better regular season records scattered over a 21 year period an up trend making, “For the first time maybe ever, the Clippers are Los Angeles’ best team,” good luck proving that.

          “For the first time maybe ever” Opens the window of past year performance in comparison, something you did BTW.

          Take time to fully understand context before you start questioning others.

          • Tito Puente

            don’t hate, obfuscate…

            then slurp….

          • Daryl Peek

            Child Please!

          • Tito Puente

            ahhhh yes, this is the type of originality one might expect…

            Wild Fleas!

            Mild tease!

            Vile Disease!

            Exile Negro Please!

            need any more help?

          • Daryl Peek

            Nope. Because you just keep proving the aforementioned. Enjoy your trolling…

          • Tito Puente

            and yet another purple & gold undergraduate education is found lacking…

          • Jim213

            Kwa Kwa/Agitador…

            You sound like U R a Knick’s fan boy… don’t hate the team hate the game. Don’t blame whatever team you happen to root for our competitiveness which equals who knows how many Finals aside of 16 championships.

            However, you’re probably mad b/c it’s been close to 40 yrs since your team won a championship, might as well jump on board of the Nets train. Good look too in the next decade = half a decade of mediocrity.

          • Tito Puente

            portugese, english, spanish, mandarin…

            lots of languages to choose from Jim…

            might wanna pick one….

            good luck on kindergarten

          • Jim213

            Three out of the four ain’t bad… U Mad Bro?! lol.. it’s understandable coming from an on 1er. You ain’t in tune.

  • Aditya Sriram

    STOP IT. Lakers will be a great team this coming season or I will be extremely mad. Lakers will be a championship condender if we play great denfense and great offense or I will be extremely mad. PLEASE BELIEVE ME PLEASE.

  • paulyD

    I don’t know if anybody watched the lakers play last season, but that was by far the worst season since Nick Van Exel was at the point. It can only get better