Power Ranking: Lakers Top 5 Targets for 2014

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November 16, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Former pro basketball player “Julius Dr. J” Irving sits next to Los Angeles Lakers Mitch Kupchak during the ceremony unveiling the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Much has been made about the Lakers’ plans for their summer of 2014. With almost $50 million dollars in expected cap space and a reputation for winning, many fans and media alike think the Lakers will have their pick of premier players. And if there’s ever a summer to have the ability to pick and choose their free agents, 2014 would be the one.


The Lakers have their eyes focused on the big talent, but who exactly should the Lakers be focused on? With the outside possibility of having enough flexibility to offer three max contracts (depending on how much money Bryant will agree upon in his contract extension), the Lakers could hit a home run next summer, but could just as easily strike out. While a lot of the predictions for next summer involve a certain level of suspended belief, let’s take a look at who the Lakers likely target, and how realistic the odds are of them donning the purple and gold in 2014-15.

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