Feb 21, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Phil Jackson speaks at the memorial service for Dr. Jerry Buss held at the Nokia Theater. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Jeanie, Jim Buss talk Phil Jackson’s role with Lakers

Earlier this summer, Lakers fans were excited to hear that Phil Jackson was working with the team as a consultant, with possibilities for other roles later on. Jeanie Buss, Jackson’s fiance and part owner of the Lakers, and brother Jim Buss have differing opinions on Jackson, evidenced by the debacle of his hiring/not hiring at the beginning of the season this year. However, it seems that both the Buss siblings have found a mutual ground with Jackson.


Rich Bucher recently covered the Buss family for The Hollywood Reporter. He broke down their current situation, talked about Kobe Bryant, and briefly mentioned Jackson. However, Bucher revealed late Thursday night via his Twitter some interesting quotes about Jackson’s future with the Lakers organization.


“Right now he has no official position,” Jeanie said of Phil’s role with the team. “He wants to be supportive of me and the organization. He has no contractual obligation. He would listen to anything where he might be able to help. If we asked him to fill in on the broadcast because someone was out, I’m sure he’d do it. Just because everyone puts him as a coach doesn’t mean that’s the only thing he’s capable of doing.” Jim Buss welcomes Phil’s involvement – to a degree. “We can call him at any time,” Jim said. “(GM) Mitch (Kupchak) has sat down with him several times, especially with the Dwight situation. I’d be more than happy to have him on a consultant basis. I don’t think we’re paying him and I don’t know if he has an official title. I have no idea if Jeanie wants to sit down and discuss that. But I have no issues with him coming back or having a role.”


That’s a very eye-opening, but encouraging sign for Lakers faithful. Jim Buss has never quite seen eye-to-eye with Jackson, infamously cleaning house of Jackson’s old staff when the Zen Master retired. However, contrary to all those rumors, Jim Buss seems willing to have Jackson back in the fold with the Lakers in some capacity.


With the summer of 2014 around the corner, a summer that will define the Lakers franchise for the years to follow, having someone like Jackson involved with the team would be ideal. Jackson clearly has sway with the current generation of stars, seen most recently with Howard’s insistence that the Lakers replace head coach Mike D’Antoni with Jackson. While D’Antoni may not be thrilled to have Jackson looming over his shoulder, it’d be best for the Lakers franchise moving forward.

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  • Daryl Peek

    I’ve been saying this all along. Jeanie is desperate to get Phil in and that’s what has caused the friction from since 04 when Dr. Buss let Phil go. Jimmy gets all the blame but it’s Jeanie that was the root of the problem. Her insistence to step out of her lane in defending her man against both Dr. Buss and Jimmy, is what started all of this.

    If she would just chill and let the intended plan go the direction Dr. Buss plotted, who knows? Old wounds may naturally heal with time. She keeps forcing Phil on Jimmy through the media! That’s the problem.

    I’m glad to hear Jimmy is open to Phil as a consultant or media broadcaster. My beef with the whole situation was and is the Jackson idolatry. Change is inevitable in life. Nothing lasts forever. Dr. Buss left Jimmy in charge of the basketball collective. Jeanie was put in charge of the business side. Stay in your lane for proper organizational cohesion. GO LAKERS

    • Daryl Peek

      To be honest, I’d rather see Jerry West come back, if anyone is to come back. The Logo embodies the Lakers. He was there before Dr. Buss, and was the one who was the driving force in building both Showtime and the Lake Show with Dr. Buss. I’m sure we all know if West came back Phil would never have any type of role.

      Many Laker fans are crying for a system of doing things like West is in Golden St. That is not Phil’s gift. This is one of my biggest concerns with Phil.

      • Jim213

        Agree but Jerry wants a limited role (non GM) as he’s happy in his role with the Warriors. Although, from what he’s mentioned in recent interviews he’ll be attending more games and partaking in more media events to help get an arena built in Cisco instead of Oakland.

    • Jim213


      Don’t know if fans worship Phil as a GOD, but they should know he won’t be returning or wouldn’t comeback given the state of the team. But seems like the media is really selling this Jim vs. Jeanie hype which seems to have ruffled some feathers just like the Kobe/Shaq issue about 10 years back.

      But like we blah blah’d a few weeks back about topic I don’t think Jim would mind as long as Phil keeps his interest from becoming part owner in check. But the overall business is tied to basketball operations but Dr. Buss wanted both to run operations separately. Let’s just hope both work together to keep the brand competitive come 2014-2015.

      • Daryl Peek


        Mantra comes to mind when I hear this in Staples. *looking*