5 Possible Starting Line-ups for the Lakers in 2014-15

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How early is too early to talk about next year’s team? It’s the big elephant in the room whenever you start talking about the current state of the Lakers.


“This year’s team is fun and all, but what about next year?!?!”


It’s true. Few Lakers teams are focused on what this year’s team can accomplish, instead day-dreaming about the possibilities of 2014-15. With a first round draft pick – likely to be a lottery pick – in a deep draft class, plus a large, large majority of cap space, the Lakers have set themselves up for a complete rebuild of the roster.


Considering the depth of the free agent class, the Lakers could morph themselves into any team they want. Convinced that Mike D’Antoni is the man? Let’s build a 7-seconds-or-less squad. Tired of having teams run all over you? Here’s a defensive juggernaut. Ready for some youthful energy? Here’s a slew of young players.


In order to fully enjoy the possibilities of what could happen (realistic or not), let’s assume everyone that COULD be a free agent indeed does become one. I’ve used this list from HoopsWorld to find the possible free agents for next summer. Suspend a certain level of belief and enjoy the possibilities with me for just a few moments. With that, let’s get started…

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