The Back Up Point Guard Situation

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The Lakers are currently a .500 team.  Depending on expectations, they’re right at where they should be.  In my book, they’re overachieving.  That level of play is based on going ten players deep, playing with a higher level of intensity in shortened minutes.  The critical position to make this all run properly is point guard.

Jordan Farmar has excelled at this point.  While Steve Blake is nearly averaging ten assists per game, Jordan Farmar provides another dimension of scoring and speed when he steps onto the floor.  Shooting at 40% behind the arc and averaging 4.4 assists in under 19 minutes per game, he’s the perfect complement to what Steve Blake provides.  Now out with a hamstring tear for four weeks, the Lakers need to consider a few options to keep the offensive flow of the team steadfast, without dramatically increasing Steve Blake’s minutes.

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  • Martin Susman

    I think they should do nothing now, let the young guys play, hold Kobe back till the first of the year & then only if there is a chance of making the playoffs. Bottom line is simple, the “REAL” future super studs will not be avaialable until the year after next. This coming year has other then Monroe no one that would make sense for the Lakers to go after… Forget Mello, he is n never will be a winner, forget James, he won’t come & forget a old Wade or Bosch…. Gay would be fine BUT not at a max contract meaning look to the following year for real pick ups on the free agency market.
    OK, what do the Lakrs do for the next season & a half, “Have fun with the young guys” & stop the expectation B.S. Let the young guys play for a spot on a future ring team for the Lakers… The way that looks now it means resign Farmar, Henry, Young & Hill. Trade Gasol, trade/get rid of Nash both for draft picks.

    • Mike Garcia

      I agree with you for the most part. But, without looking at the superstars, and just looking at the short term, I think, just a partial guaranteed contract to run a healthy team and have a good product for the Laker fans for an entire season would be great to have.

      • Roy P

        Looks like you called it sir. Can’t wait to see Marshall in uniform contributing. We for sure need a pure point guard with all our injuries.