November 16, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Former pro basketball player "Julius Dr. J" Irving sits next to Los Angeles Lakers Mitch Kupchak during the ceremony unveiling the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

An Open Letter to the Lakers Front Office

Dear Mitch, Jim, Jeanie, and whomever else this may concern,


Do this rebuild right.


I know Lakers fans aren’t use to rebuilding. We more often reload. But this summer, reloading isn’t a realistic possibility. Short of somehow nabbing LeBron, there isn’t a homerun free agent available this summer. Instead, you can start piecing together the right players for a championship squad.


Do this right.


Don’t go chasing Kevin Love. Don’t go chasing Kyrie Irving. Both of those players will require use of our draft pick, which is too steep a price. We can draft our own Irving or Love. In three years, would you rather have Love at $20 million or Jabari Parker at $5 million? Outside of that, if Love and Irving won’t to be Lakers as badly as the fans think they do, they’ll both have the opportunity next summer.


Do this right.


Tough decisions will have to be made. Steve Nash can’t hang on the basketball court anymore. If he can’t come to that realization, do it for him. Pau’s professionalism has been beyond admirable. His defense has been horrible. On the right team, with the right personnel around him, he’s worth the contract. That won’t be LA. It’s time to move on from the Pau-Kobe Era.


Do this right.


Mike D’Antoni was the wrong choice. Admit your mistakes. You didn’t want to rely on Phil Jackson anymore, which is understandable. How you played him and left him hanging in the coaching search has been well-documented. You screwed up. But it can all be forgotten if you move on from him now and make the right hire this summer.


Do this right.


Kobe Bryant is your prize possession right now. His words have the biggest impact on Lakers Nation. When he said he wanted to win now, fans listened. But winning now could mortgage the future. Winning now would entail signing instant impact players to big contracts. Winning now means, in two seasons when Bryant is gone, the Lakers are stuck in a position similar to or worse than their present one.


Do this right.


If you do this right, you match our young draft pick with young pieces around them. You have Kobe Bryant as the mentor to a future star and set yourself up for future free agencies. So do this right.



A Logical Lakers Fan

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  • Laker Illuminati

    Mitch , this summer will define your legacy with the Laker organization . Please keep Jim Buss Out of the Draft process. Do not do any trades with draft picks are involved. Look at our biggest needs and wants carefully .

  • Jim213

    Touching… agree with mostly everything except the not going after Love or Irving scenario. IMO, it’ll come down to where they land in the draft. If one of the team’s needs is addressed with a top prospect in the draft (being a PG,PF, C) it’d be best to wait to try to acquire a star player. However, IMO the biggest need is at the PG position to which if K Irving passes on signing an extension with the Cavs it’s possible he’d be available in FA (2015).

    Per CBA (if correct) he stands to command close to $10 mil per season once he signs a new contract. But it may first come down to who’ll be coaching the team next season before trying to sign some good starting role players for next season. If coach Cal (unlikely) happened to agree to a deal with the Lakers then I’d scratch Love and wait a few seasons for Anthony Davis (all around player) but IMO the coach position needs to be resolved first to have a better sense of direction.

  • Erad

    You make a lot of assumptions. Draft picks, valuable as they are, are never guaranteed. Nevermind how impossible it is to know for sure how someone’s game transitions from college to the pros, you never know who’s potential will never see the light of day because of injuries. Greg Oden happened.

    As willing as Kobe is to be a mentor, how long will that keep up if he’s on another losing team? Is it a stretch to think Kobe would become more of a distraction in that scenario?

    If you have a chance to acquire a young mid 20s Hall of Famer pull the trigger. They’re considered franchise players for a reason. Talent attracts talent.

  • DJRoxalot

    If the Lakers have a top 3 pick? I’d agree. But, they are likely to have a top 5-6 pick. I’d trade that (and Pau Gasol in a sign and trade) for either Love or Irving, preferrably Love.

    Good stuff, Rude.

  • hookedonnews

    Doubt that Mitch Kupchak is going to be looking to blogs like this for advice.

    They are not going to try to rebuild through the draft. How often has that produced a championship team in recent years? Take a look at the teams who have gotten the high draft choices. They’re still not that great after years. OKC has been more successful than most, but it still didn’t happen overnight. This fan-base is not long on patience, and besides Kupchak has already said that they are not going to rebuild through the draft. I doubt that Kobe would agree with that approach because he would be long gone before the team ever reached the Finals, and mentoring is not really his m.o. He didn’t sign that big contract to coach up some rookies and languish at the bottom of the West.

    Almost everything you’ve suggested is the polar opposite of what they have indicated that they will do. I think they have the right idea personally.

  • George Robert Freeman

    Of course the Lakers need to land a high quality player with this pick…Not go after Love and/or Irving? That’s ludicrous. The Lakers will probably have a chance at him in free agency next off season. Furthermore, with one draft pick these next two seasons and having already given up our 2017 first rounder how do you build through the draft? Draft a stud this year, bring back Bazemore and Hill, consider signing Monroe, and go after Love and/Irving in free agency.