Apr 16, 2014; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love (42) shoots at Target Center. Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Lakers to Trade Lottery Pick for Kevin Love, Potential Consequences?

According to the OC Register:

Oh, if the Lakers’ No. 1 pick doesn’t turn out to be No. 1-2-3, I expect them to offer it to Minnesota for Love.

If he tells the Timberwolves he’ll leave, anyway, in 2015, it could even happen.

A lot can happen in a month.  The Lakers don’t know their exact draft position, so they cannot make a decision on what to do, with what they don’t clearly have.  This has been mentioned before on LakeShowLife.  What is surprising about the speculation is, that perhaps Jerry West was right all along.

And everyone is talking about a great draft class this year, I think it’s just the opposite, I think it’s a poor one myself. These franchises have really struggled at one time you can get a branded name, these kids are not branded.

If this is truly the case then there are several decisions that come into effect.

  1. The Lakers get a pick higher than #6, and choose to keep the lottery pick, use this year for Kobe to ensure his health, and wait for Kevin Love through free agency.
  2. The Lakers get #6 or lower, and try to entice the Timberwolves to trade Kevin Love for the lottery pick plus a few players in sign and trade for team cap purposes.
  3. The Lakers get a pick higher than #6, try to entice Kevin Love anyway, and rebuild for the upcoming season with Love, Bryant, and Gasol as the triumvirate.

Patience hasn’t been with the Laker team since Dr. Buss left.  The lack of patience is exactly what led to the trading of picks to the Phoenix Suns to acquire Steve Nash, giving up on the Princeton offense with Mike Brown when defense was the issue, hiring Mike D’Antoni when Phil Jackson didn’t respond immediately when the job was offered, forcing Dwight Howard to come back early from back surgery, and even Kobe Bryant’s return, which just led to another injury.

The expectations are always high for the Laker organization.  Dr. Buss was the king of patience for the organization and it led to a string of risky moves that worked out well for the franchise.

Perhaps it’s best to show some more patience this off-season.  The Laker team isn’t prepared for a championship yet.  So, why rush it?

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  • Daryl Peek

    “rebuild for the upcoming season with Love, Bryant, and Gasol as the triumvirate” Kobe, Gasol and Love don’t address defensive issues, therefore that’s a bad plan.

    “giving up on the Princeton offense with Mike Brown when defense was the issue” The 12-13 Lakers allowed 101 PPG which is slighty better than what the Rockets are doing with Howard this season, and the exact same as what the Clippers were all season. Those Brown/MDA coached Lakers were also the 4th best rebounding team in the NBA. Defense was not that much of the problem as team chemistry and injuries were. Remember the brief Bickerstaff era? Bernie was still running the Princeton for the most part but allowed the team to free flow more. This in turn increased the offensive efficiency and created a better defensive flow. Kobe and Howard were just never on the same page and that was huge!

    • Mike Garcia

      Agreed about defensive issues about Kobe, Gasol, Love. Defensive talent is a tougher priority to address when just getting franchise talent is the top priority overall.

      • Daryl Peek

        I can dig that but most would complain if the team does not improve defensively.

  • J Taylor

    Why would Minnesota take it?
    With Love, atleast they remain competitive and fill seats. With a lottery pick, they are certainly destined for another lottery pick.

    Dr. Jerry, the gambler, would have waited.
    The new ownership is a committee of passive rich heirs, and are going to knee-jerk and get desperate.

    • Mike Garcia

      Minny goes for it, to get compensation for Love without as much salary coming back.

  • Marty Susman

    First of all the top three does not make good sense. Their are at least 4 or 5 top players, not three…. If you said if they got less then the top 4, OI could agree BUT two things worry me about Love….A. Will Love want o spend another year losing on the lakers ??? B. Will he do a D12 & walk after a year & go to the Bull’s or Rocket’s ???
    SOOOOO the question is, why not wait for Love in 2015 ???? I am against bringing any player here without a long term contract. (Always remember D12). (Yes the scrubs for one year) Do you want to bring Love in with the high school coach in charge ??? Kobe doesn’t want this coach, Gasol will for sure walk with us getting nothing in return & Kobe could end up getting hurt again because of the stupid offense Mike run’s….

    Bottom line is simple, we should NOT get Love until 2015 free agency…

    • Mike Garcia

      Agree with that. Prefer to get draft pick, let Bryant recover this season, then go for it in 2015.

  • hookedonnews

    What? Are you saying they should have retained the Princeton offense? LOL. They were practicing 4 1/2 hours a day and still couldn’t master it. It should never have been instituted in the first place, especially once they had signed Nash. I would be surprised if they traded the pick for Love when most people believe they can sign him after next season anyway. He would definitely improve the team. I guess it would depend on who’s available to be drafted when it comes their turn.

    • Mike Garcia

      I think they should have stuck with it, and not go for Nash. Bryant and D12 were on fire, getting the most shots on the team, on ridiculously high FG%.

      Issues were defensive oriented.

      • hookedonnews

        I don’t agree that defense was the problem. Are you saying that the team played better defense under D’Antoni? :) They did have the best record in the West after the All-Star break. Yes, Kobe was shooting a high percentage, but he continued to play well even after they ditched the Princeton. To say Howard was on fire is a bit of an overstatement. They lost 11 games in a row. If Brown had continued as coach who knows what effect those long practices would have had on Kobe, Pau (who already had bad knees and foot problems), MWP, and Nash. That’s not ideal for an older team. If the Princeton was such a great idea, I wonder why no one else has an interest in trying it?

        There’s no one who didn’t believe that pairing Steve Nash with Gasol, Kobe & Howard wasn’t a giant step toward a championship. The Princeton took the ball out of the hands of one of the greatest PGs of his era and made him irrelevant. There’s not another coach in the league who would have done that.

        • Mike Garcia

          Meaning, Defense was an issue under the Princeton offense. D12 and Bryant were getting the best looks of their careers and were shooting 62% and 56% from the field respectively. Both guys were hovering at 26ppg+

          I think Mike Brown lost control of the team, which lost the team chemistry overall, but the system was not an issue.

          As for the Princeton having an interest, it’s too complicated a system for most, but not for triangle offense players. The Sac Kings ran it to great success for a decade. The NJ Nets made it to the Finals against the Lakers, with a dominant PG.

          The offensive style was chosen before Nash was traded for. Guys like Steve Blake would relish in that offensive style, not guys like Nash.

          Jim Buss swung for the fences with a Phoenix Suns style with Nash and D’Antoni, but Nash is always injured now. Swing and a miss.

          • hookedonnews

            The system was an issue because they couldn’t win a game, and they were wasting the talents of Steve Nash. The Princeton might have had some success in past decades, but the league has moved on. I don’t know what version of the Princeton the Nets were playing, but it couldn’t have been the one the Lakers were trying to run. I realize they chose the offense before they got Nash, but as I said any other coach would have immediately jettisoned it once he knew he was going to have a PG like Nash. He was not even involved in the offense once he crossed half-court and made that first pass. No one who has ever watched him play believed that was the way to go.

            Steve Blake hated the Triangle (a similar system). He loved the D’Antoni system. Same for Farmar. No PG wants to be in an offense like that. No one on the Lakers had played in the Triangle except Kobe, Pau & MWP. MWP looked like a deer in the headlights trying to play the Princeton. Having a couple of players shooting high %’s doesn’t mean your system is successful when you’re losing every game. Howard should always shoot a high % regardless of the system. The idea of the Lakers bench last season running the Princeton is a joke. What were they going to do during those 33 games that Gasol missed? I just don’t see that offense as the best option.

            Nash breaking his leg and having the nerve issues as a result was something no one could have foreseen. Hindsight is 20/20.