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Roy Williams as Laker Head Coach?

Roy Williams happens to be on the list of coaches to interview. Surprised?  I am.  Roy Williams landed his dream job of coaching for the University of North Carolina. The past two seasons for North Carolina could be considered failures.  They have championship expectations and have had two straight seasons of double-digit losses.



North Carolina means a lot to him.  He was asked before.



This may be a case of the North Carolina connection tied in with Mitch Kupchak.  Still, there is a long timetable for the interested coaches to be interviewed.  However, instead of narrowing down the list of great coaches, the list keeps expanding.  It’s good to be thorough, but it’s also great to know what the primary focus for the organization is and how it is to be reached.  Simply find the right coach that fits the mold.  Is that so difficult?

Perhaps it is, but no one can blame the Lakers for being patient and examining every avenue before going through with a major decision.  The Lakers have gone through two coaches in less than three years.  Usually, that’s a statistic made for weaker, non-playoff teams.  It looks like they want a guy with a more permanent residence, no matter who the franchise players are.

I’m good with that.

It wouldn’t hurt to see some fire on the sideline.

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