Jalen Rose: Mike D’Antoni doesn’t prepare

Am I the only one who, when I first heard, “Mike D’Antoni has resigned from the Lakers,” actually heard “Mike D’Antoni was told to resign?”

I’ll have to admit. When the Lakers first hired D’Antoni, I was excited and optimistic. I truly thought he was going to be a good fit. Kobe publicly said he had a good relationship with him. Nash played with him in Phoenix. All the signs were pointing to a great hire.  As an optimistic Lakers fan I had my hopes up.  But something never felt right. D’Antoni never had control of the locker room, in fact he never had control during games. This interview with Jalen Rose on Grantland makes it so obvious what was going on.

From back in Rose’s days in Phoenix and the Seven Seconds or Less offense, referring to the 2005 playoffs…

The reason why we really lost the series was Game 1 cause Coach D’Antoni didn’t prepare us with what was going to happen with the Big 3. First off, practice was 10 or 11 in the morning…we shooting around a little bit, coach comes in, he like ‘bring it in’ we go over to the TV and he pop in a video. “Raja Bell for 3,” “Shawn Marion dunk,” “Steve [Nash] behind the back to Amare for a dunk.” And he like, “Alright, we gonna do a couple drills, we gonna do our scrimmage, run our sets, get a good a sweat and we gonna get out of here. I look at Kurt Thomas and like “That’s it?” [D'Antoni] was like “We gonna worry bout what we do. If we play our game and we do what we supposed to do, Tim Duncan can score 40 and that won’t beat us.” You know what Tim did in Game 1? Scored 40 and 20 and beat us.

It’s not that D’Antoni likes to play a fast passed offense. His players just don’t know what to do but run and shoot. Cause that’s what you’re taught when you play junior high basketball!

Maybe it could have worked with a 100% healthy Kobe, Nash and Pau because of their experience. But having such young guys in the lineup this year made D’Antoni’s lack of preparation and leadership abilities crystal clear.

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  • J Taylor

    Pouring salt on the wound.
    If anything, the team should thank D’Antoni for being a professional and help groom the future Bench Mob.

    • Dino Madness

      Jalen Rose had a front seat at the incompetence that is Mike D’Antoni. He should be out of the NBA for good, his time has come and gone. It’s better to let new coaches with fresher perspectives in the league, coaches that have new strategies and innovations that will help the game grow.

  • hookedonnews

    Here’s the problem with this analysis. This is not 2005. You’re acting like that playoff game is the first time the Suns had ever played the Spurs. Did that sound like great preparation? No, but as I said, they were very familiar with them. The Spurs beat a lot of people and have the championships to prove it.

    Are we to assume that MDA thought he had the players in LA to operate in the same way he did back then? Why don’t you talk to the players he coached this season, and I think you’ll find an entirely different story. The improvement in play from players like Kendall Marshall, Wes Johnson, Xavier Henry, Ryan Kelly, Jordan Farmar, Steve Blake, and Nick Young is not simply a matter of D’Antoni’s system. Coaching is a part of that.

    This article is part of the problem with how MDA is perceived. There are continual references to things that were said and done 10 years ago in Phoenix. Coaches do learn and improve over the years. Rose didn’t play for D’Antoni that long. They won plenty of playoff games in Phoenix. To use one anecdote or one statement made a decade ago to describe D’Antoni is not going to tell you who he is today.

    • Dino Madness

      I’ll take Jalen Rose word for it, he was an insider was there in the Phoenix days. What Jalen Rose is saying has already been proven to be true in New York and In L.A. As far as players improving, it’s easy to improve if you don’t need to learn any strategies and do what ever you want on the court. simply just run and jack up as many three pointers as you can and outscore the opposition. Easy enough but it’s lead D’Antoni to ultimate failure. Mike D’Antoni forgot that getting players thinking is a vital part of success.

      • hookedonnews

        You can take Jalen Rose’s word for what went on in 2005 if you want to, but that doesn’t mean he knows what’s going on now.

        If you believe players were just turned loose to do whatever they want on the court or jack up 3′s whenever they felt like it you have no understanding of D’Antoni’s offense. The improvement in Ryan Kelly in both offense and defense should have been instructive, but I guess not.

        I don’t think D’Antoni was a failure in Phoenix regardless of what Jalen Rose has to say. His record says otherwise. No one has succeeded in NY since 9 years before MDA arrived there to the present. If you know anything about the Knicks, you know they have a dysfunctional front office and owner. As for MDA’s experience in LA, he had nothing to work with because of injuries.

        D’Antoni shouldn’t be allowed to coach an NBA team again? That’s pretty funny.

        As for Jalen Rose, I lost respect for him when he put out that film about Duke.

        There are plenty of other players who will tell you that MDA is an excellent coach, and lots of former & present NBA coaches who say the same.

        • Dino Madness

          Here’s another example that D’Antoni was a failure in Phoenix: Management wanted to add Tom Thibodeau as a defensive coach, Mike Dantoni refuse. Management fires MIke D’Antoni for refusing to have Tom Thibodeau as the defensive coach. I guess I will never understand why you want to defend the biggest Knucklehead in the NBA coaching ranks. You have to be a complete Knucklehead, irresponsible and clueless to refuse to have Tom Thibodeau as your defensive coach.

          • hookedonnews

            Failures don’t win that many games and go to the WCF’s two out of four years. And D’Antoni was not fired in Phoenix. Steve Kerr (the GM at the time) asked him to stay, but he accepted the job at the Knicks. Tom Thibodeau was not the known quantity then that he is now. Coaches usually want to choose their assistants. I don’t have to defend D’Antoni, and your characterizations of him are typical of people who know very little about him.

          • Dino Madness

            Let me finish by saying is over D’Antoni left the Knicks a quitter!!! It’s over D’Anotni left the Lakers a quitter. Your response would indicates he also left Phoenix as a QUITTER as well, he went running away to the Knicks where he would fail miserably. That’s right D’Antoni didn’t want Tom Thibodeau instead he wanted to do it his way which lead him to ultimate failure. In the end D’Antoni should never be an NBA coach again but this league is infamous for regurgitating the worst of the worst, so I guess that will make you happy when he gets another job that he doesn’t deserve.

          • hookedonnews

            It would be a waste of my time to go over what happened in Phoenix and NY or LA because it’s not going to change your thinking. I am puzzled that you think winning more than 50 games in his last year in Phoenix is failure, but you are free to define failure in any way you want I suppose. I will just say that once you get off these blogs and listen to people who know the NBA you will find an altogether different view of Mike D’Antoni. But, at this point, why do you care? He’s gone. There’s no guarantee that the Lakers are going to get a better coach. I hope they will get the right guy, but at this point I have no clue who that would be.

          • Dino Madness

            I was laughing when there was a Mike D’Antoni story that he had interested in the Golden State Warriors Job. I was wondering is this man so clueless and delusional that he can’t see how much he has failed everywhere he’s been and that there’s no way that he in any way shape of form deserve a great situation like the one in Golden State. When he was in Phoenix he had so much talent yet failed to take those teams to a championship and that for me was a huge failure for D’Antoni but I guess will have to simply agree to disagree on the D’Antoni Issue. He’s now gone from the Lakers and the team can move forward.

          • hookedonnews

            Let’s hope you’re still smiling when the new coach is hired. If anything short of a championship is a “huge failure” then that would include a lot of good coaches including all of those who are being considered for the Lakers job. It’s obvious from your comments that you don’t know a lot about D’Antoni’s years in Phoenix, but why beat a dead horse? Golden State would have been a perfect situation for him, but I have no clue whether he actually had an interest in that job. He wasn’t looking for a job when LA hired him, and the rumors on these blogs are not that accurate most of the time. Any coach coming to LA is going to have his work cut out for him.