Mar 6, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant (24) is congratulated by guard Steve Nash (10) after a basket during the second half at the New Orleans Arena. Los Angeles defeated New Orleans 108-102. Mandatory Credit: Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

What Style Should the Lakers Play Next Season?

In the past four seasons, we have seen the Lakers play distinctly different brands of basketball each year. When Phil Jackson was leading the way, the Lakers were constructed to perform in the triangle offensive system he employed. Smart decision making and automatic passes highlighted this slowed-down style of play. It allowed Kobe and Pau to function at their best and led to a lot of success.

The next season saw Mike Brown take over. His goal was to instill a defensive mindset and not worry about how the offense would function. With Kobe, Pau, Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom, what type of offensive coaching did you really need? Heading into Brown’s second year as head coach, he needed to adjust to having Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant all on the same team. His solution was proposed by Kobe: the Princeton offense.

We all know how that ended up – with a new head coach. Mike D’Antoni replaced Brown after a disappointing five game start to the season. D’Antoni came in with promises of 120 points a game and what the owners hoped would be a revival of Showtime. Unfortunately without Nash to lead the way, the Lakers never really embraced D’Antoni’s system and were forced to use Kobe as the primary creator. The season ended with Bryant on the sidelines with a ruptured Achilles tendon.

The latest season for the Lakers saw the team embrace the free flowing offensive style of Mike D’Antoni. On the defensive end, the team never seemed to make an effort. While the Lakers were frequently scoring over 100 points, they allowed a tragic 109 points per game. Even though the team was injury-plagued and lacked talent, the lack of emphasis on defensive was striking.

Having seen essentially four different styles of play, what would be the ideal fit for the Lakers?

Should they commit to a system, like they did with Phil Jackson? Should they focus on defense, shoring up the biggest weakness from last season? Was the idea of Showtime revival the right choice?

Obviously, the Lakers draft position will have an impact on how the team will operate going forward. If a point guard like Dante Exum is brought in, perhaps a free flowing offensive system is what is needed. But if the Lakers can select Joel Embiid, perhaps a slower, defensive-minded style would be the greatest benefit. Selecting Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker will give the Lakers more directions they can veer in as well.

So if you had it your way, how would the Lakers play next season?

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  • stucktrader

    Mike Brown has shown BEYOND ANY DOUBT.. that he just cant be a HEAD coach…

    That was one of the most terrible hires by the Lakers… Lebron hid Mike Brown’s flaws as a head coach…

    No one questions his work ethic… but he just is not able to own that locker room…

    • Daryl Peek

      If LeBron was able to hide Brown’s flaws what does that say for Kobe? The LeBron led Cavs did not have the talent of the 11-12 Lakers.

      • Jim213

        Blah blah DP. forum blue and gold is one of the top ones tho you can’t keep re-arguing things that don’t have value. not too many posts there but it does have more knowledgeable people. Can’t hate there too DP if that helps.

        • Daryl Peek

          Was anything I stated not true? If not then there’s no hate and I’m not arguing just stating a valid point given how I replied.

          • Jim213

            IMO, goes back to credibility for KB24 and tho he was in favor of the last coach something caused him to think lesser of Mike IMO. Lack of being a leader or instilling /addressing team weaknesses? Aside of that can’t wait until the draft is over to get some of the kooks to shut it on the other site. IMO, best thing is to draft down if they end up with a top 3 or 6th pick.

            Lavine out performed Exum at the combine tho it’s a work in progress for both but Lavine seems to have a S Curry thing if he get’s on a roll aside of being more athletic as some see a similarity to Westbrook. Smart and Randle’s stock may fall a little too as Vonleh seems to have moved up too while Embiid’s stock appears to be declining.

    • Dino Madness

      Mike Brown, Mike D’Antoni have been horrible choices and the Lakers are severely paying the price for those mistakes.

  • Marty Susman

    They should play a slow half court game so Kobe can make it through the season. They will not be playing for a ring so lets just keep everyone healthy & playing.

  • hookedonnews

    Too early to be asking this question. The system will depend on the coach and the players. No one even knows who’s going to be on the roster other than Kobe, Nash & Sacre. Impossible to know what system is best under the circumstances. Kobe can play in any system. So can Nash, but I would hate to see him stuck in a system like the Triangle. That would be a waste of his final year. I’m sure the knee-jerk reaction is to say that it should be some slow-down half-court offense because that’s what Kobe wants. Well, if you’re going to let Kobe call the shots then hire him to coach. Kobe is still capable of running the court and is going to have to if he’s going to continue to play in the NBA. Not advocating the fastest pace in the league. As I said, that will be the coach’s call and will depend on the roster.

  • Manuel Lopez

    The type of system all depends on what head coach they will get; If they get a run and gun coach, then you need reliable three-point shooters around; otherwise, a good fit would probably be to go slow and in the post; once that is mastered, the rest will fall into place with the outside shooting!