Lakers Mock Draft List, #7 Pick

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The idea of making a mock draft is to make sense of certain players going to certain teams.  But, think of it through the Lakers point of view.  Do the Lakers really care that much about which teams pick which players?  Not really, unless they feel a certain player is a sure bet.  They felt that way about Bryant and traded Vlade Divac for him, but otherwise, they haven’t really traded picks.

So, I challenge Laker fans to make a draft list.  What is a draft list?  It’s a list of players that you choose to rank, in the order of what your idea of best player available is.  Sometimes a better player is a better fit for a certain team.  When that’s the case, it makes sense to have that player higher up on that particular team’s draft list.

In this case, the Lakers need help at every position.  Last year’s roster was full of free agent players in their mid-20’s with something to prove.  Now, the Lakers have a chance to draft a player, not just for the rookie-contract length, but arguably, up to seven years once an extension is signed.  The extension is never turned down.

That being said, here’s my list so far:

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