The Case For Rodney Hood

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A lot of teams have showed interest in Rodney Hood.  While he may be thought of as a reach in the late lottery as a draft pick, his skill set as a shooter is highly desired for the modern NBA.



What do you need to know about Rodney Hood?

Rodney Hood is a transfer player from Mississippi St. into Duke University.  After an NCAA redshirt year for transfers,  he has two full NCAA seasons under his belt, but is declaring for the draft at the age of 21.  Don’t mistake the redshirt year for wasted time.  He showed great work ethic and polished his overall skill level in the time available.


He’s a standout shooter in multiple situations; pick-and-roll, catch-and-shoot, off-the-dribble, and in transition.  The lefty has great height at the small forward position and shows great aggression attacking the basket.

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