The Picture Perfect Lakers' Summer

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The Lakers off-season is set up for a wild, wacky ride. The Lakers have a chance to completely rebuild their team, remake their identity, and begin a new dynasty in Los Angeles. However, the Lakers can no longer rely on the old habits of spending big and buying a couple superstars leading their way to a title. The days of Big 3 and dept are upon the league, and the Lakers can not be stubborn to the changes.


All this means the Lakers can’t mortgage the future for Kevin Love or any other superstar. Depth is vital, and the Lakers have none of it right now. The off-season can play out in lots of ways, and this certainly isn’t the only way, nor the best. However, it could be used as a blue print for how the Lakers can return to glory.

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  • thomas rickard

    I get your point and your ideas are sound, but man, several spots I scratch my head trying to figure out what you were trying to say . First, the days of Big 3 and dept are upon the league? ?? Second, how you get to 48mil is a mystery, 23 and 9 =??? Earlier you make it sound like cap hit for both Lyn and Asic is 8mil combined, if you use a combined figure of 30 for them, then use a combined cap hit for both, hard to compare apples and oranges