5 Restricted Free Agents the Lakers Should Target

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The Lakers have a lot of room to make moves this summer, and a lot of options to aim for. Outside of the possible superstars like LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Bosh, there are a host of younger, potential-laden youngsters who are restricted free agents and players the Lakers could bring in for the future.


The trick with restricted free agents is finding the amount of money that won’t be matched by the opposing team, but also wouldn’t be considered an albatross of a contract. That fine line will likely be discussed and debated not only by the Lakers, but by most general managers around the league.


With a roster that can be completely reworked, the Lakers could be looking not only for an impact player, but one at the right price. Sure, having someone like Greg Monroe would be nice, but is he as nice on a max contract? Is Gordon Hayward worth a max contract himself? Let’s take a look not necessarily the best restricted free agents this off-season, but five they should target, and not necessarily in any sort of order.

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