Defying Analytics in the Draft: Derek Fisher Retrospective

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Derek Fisher was an unknown coming into the NBA draft.  Coming out of the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, he averaged 14.5 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists per game.  That earned him the Sun-Belt Conference Player of the Year as a senior.

From an analytic standpoint, he defies how to be successful in the NBA.

Out of college, he shot no better than 45% from 2-point range, and 38% from NCAA 3-point range.  Yet, it was Jerry West who took a chance on him.

When he entered the league, he was a back-up point guard.  Nick Van Exel started ahead of him.  Kobe Bryant stole the show at the Summer Pro League of 1996. Derek Fisher found his niche playing intense defense at the point guard spot.  He was scrappy.  He was quick.  He was the junkyard dog at a position known for skill, not hustle.

Listen to the boos at his own draft.

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