5 Trades The Lakers Should Consider Before Draft Day

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The Lakers have been openly shopping their draft pick, the 7th one in this year’s draft, in hopes of a more instant impact talent. Never ones to rebuild, Mitch Kupchak and company are hoping to reload by any means necessary. Never have we seen the franchise in such a low state, having come off the worst record in franchise history since moving to Los Angeles. But with loads of cap space and an aging superstar veteran, the time is now for the Lakers to contend.

The Lakers certainly haven’t sat quiet leading up to the draft. Rumors of trades have swirled, with names like Michael Carter Williams, Klay Thompson, and Roy Hibbert being thrown around. But which, if any, of these trades should the Lakers seriously consider?

For now, let’s throw out the trades that include the Lakers as a third team, namely the Warriors-Timberwolves deal. The Lakers were a complimentary piece to that, but really have no control over whether the deal happens or not.

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