5 Trades The Lakers Should Consider Before Draft Day

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The Lakers have been openly shopping their draft pick, the 7th one in this year’s draft, in hopes of a more instant impact talent. Never ones to rebuild, Mitch Kupchak and company are hoping to reload by any means necessary. Never have we seen the franchise in such a low state, having come off the worst record in franchise history since moving to Los Angeles. But with loads of cap space and an aging superstar veteran, the time is now for the Lakers to contend.

The Lakers certainly haven’t sat quiet leading up to the draft. Rumors of trades have swirled, with names like Michael Carter Williams, Klay Thompson, and Roy Hibbert being thrown around. But which, if any, of these trades should the Lakers seriously consider?

For now, let’s throw out the trades that include the Lakers as a third team, namely the Warriors-Timberwolves deal. The Lakers were a complimentary piece to that, but really have no control over whether the deal happens or not.

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  • Lucas

    Only trade I would do is the MCW and Young for Nash and 7th pick if I was Jim Buss and Mitch Kupcheck

  • thomas rickard

    Obviously you have know idea of how it works, the only trade the Lakers can make pre Draft, is if they get another 1st rounder as part of the deal, post draft no deal with draft pick can happen until July 7, why write about something that can’t happen

  • thomas rickard

    2 of your trades could happen, the Bulls and Suns because they get 1st rounder back, Cleveland won’t because it’s a second rounder, but what I wrote earlier still applies, find out the facts

  • tb46

    The best trade deal here is #5, here’s why it address alot of needs you get boozer pf need is addressed, with the #16 pick you take elfrid payton & with #19 pick you take best player available, whether that player is a center, sg and you make a max offer to melo and try and retain gasol this keeps the team competitive and allows them to go after another max free agent next year or use
    your young assets in a trade for a max player, this line up with the black mamba will do damage

  • M T

    These are mostly terrible trades for LA. Don’t trade away the pick. Sign and trade Pau, Nick, Marshall for MORE picks. Make sure to trade Pau//Nick to somewhere that they’ll agree to

  • J Taylor

    ***** This is another “made up” article….It’s more Fansided pandering for hits. *****

    Let’s review the trades and pick out the fake ones:
    Trade 1: 76′ers & MCW – Announced Dead and Philly GM “Never talked to LA.”
    Trade 2: Completely made up on Fansided by another “pay per click” writer.
    Trade 3: Suns: It’s been said that the top 8 are an entire tier higher than the rest….. really?
    Trade 4: Dion Waiters: Why would the team take cleveland’s garbage. Atleast discuss K.Irving….
    Trade 5: Chicago: Why would the team trade a $10M expiring contract for a $17M one and move down 10 positions?

    - A few select writers on Fansided make up a lot of fake articles because they are paid by the number of readers. This is another “made up” article.