Mar 21, 2014; San Antonio, TX, USA; Creighton Bluejays forward Doug McDermott (3) drives against Louisiana Lafayette Ragin Cajuns guard Elfrid Payton (2) in the first half of a men

Could the Lakers Have A Disappointing Draft?

Laker fans hope they don’t.

There seems to be a general consensus about the draft prospects and who the Lakers will pick.  While we aren’t in the board room with Laker executives, we do know the players brought in for a second workout.  The list of players includes Aaron Gordon, Marcus Smart, Zach LaVine, and Elfrid Payton.

Julius Randle had a tremendous workout with the Lakers.

Doug McDermott was requested for a second workout, but didn’t arrive.

But, who would disappoint you at #7?

Doug McDermott is projected to be a lottery pick, but it’s difficult to imagine him as a future Laker.  He has great offensive talent, but only one skill translates to the NBA level; perimeter shooting.  He’s a solid ball-handler, but not a great passer.  He doesn’t have great post moves.  He has flip shots around the basket.  He needs space to create his own shot, and finds it difficult to attack the basket.  McDermott’s defense can be labeled average at best.
Noah Vonleh also comes to mind.  While he has great physical tools and great combine numbers, they didn’t translate to the basketball floor.  Vonleh’s athleticism shows best with rebounding.  But, with a wingspan nearly as long as Embiid’s, a well above average vertical, and huge mitts for hands, it would be expected to see Vonleh as a more explosive scorer in the painted area.  He wasn’t.  Contact kept him grounded.  He didn’t drive by or jump over defenders in the paint.  He simply shot over them.  The Lakers worked him out once, but he wasn’t invited the second time around.
Gary Harris would be a surprise pick at #7.  The credentials are there.  He was a number one option at Michigan State.  He has the quickness and leaping ability to finish over length.  He’s an above average shooter.  He may be more disciplined, but Harris seems right in the mold of a Cuttino Mobley-type of shooting guard.  Mobley couldn’t convert to the point guard position.  There were times he was forcing turnovers and became a tremendous shooter as his career advanced, but that is not the type of player the Lakers need.

If the Lakers chose anyone that they brought in for a second workout, at least the thought process could make sense.  Marcus Smart just needs a jumpshot.  Randle has loads of potential considering he does so much work in the paint and has so many more skills to develop.  Zach LaVine has the physical tools and the jumpshot, he just needs the mentality.  Elfrid Payton is climbing up the draft charts, and he just needs strength and a jumpshot.

The year of Laker misery ends with the a #7 pick at tomorrows draft.

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