Jan 19, 2014; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Toronto Raptors guard Kyle Lowry (7) carries the ball as Los Angeles Lakers guard Manny Harris (3) defends during the first half at the Air Canada Centre. Mandatory Credit: John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Lakers Rumors: Lakers plan to target crop of free agents

While the main prizes for this summer’s free agency class will be LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Bosh, there are still a slew of solid role players and some budding stars mixed in. While the Lakers clear plan A and B revolve around the three superstars, plan C appears to include targeting said role players.

According to Ramona Shelburne of ESPN, the Lakers have their eyes set on a handful of players assuming they miss out on the big names this summer.

If they are unable to land Anthony or James, the Lakers are also expected to have a strong interest in Washington free-agent forward Trevor Ariza, Raptors guard Kyle Lowry, Detroit center Greg Monroe and Phoenix forward Channing Frye, according to sources.

The most notable name, at least to Lakers’ fans, is Ariza, who was a key cog in the 2009 championship squad. However, the Lakers swapped him out for the artist formerly known as Ron Artest, who himself had a huge role in the Lakers 2010 title. Nevertheless, Ariza still continues to impress at just 28-years old, and has rightfully positioned himself for a possible return to LA.

Both Lowry and Monroe signify the Lakers attention to younger players, acknowledging the need to prepare for the future. Lowry is one of the best all-around point guards in the league and Monroe has impressed in his time in Detroit and may see himself receive a max deal this summer.

Let us know below which of the four possible free agents you’d like to see in purple and gold.

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  • p.rob.

    Would like to see Lowry, LA need some Defense at the PG position.

  • niner559

    I agree, Lowry would be a great pickup.

  • thomas rickard

    I would love to see Ariza come back, just not sure he’ll be interested, he left wanting to be a star, and while a very good player, he never got to the top in Houston, pride can be a hard too overcome.


    Lowry is a contract player. Ariza is a contract player. So, If I were LAL I’d keep Bazemore (same skill set, younger and cheaper), instead of acquiring Ariza. LAL should focus on keeping some form of unity / chemistry, and, adding the stars (Anthony, James), or, resign the more future having holds (Meeks, Young, Kelly), and, awaiting for 2015, instead of wasting money on expensive, non-guaranteed help (Lowry, Ariza, etc).

    • Rangers

      Ariza is not expensive. He will probably get 6-8 mill a year. He’s cheaper than deng/parsons/Hayward but according to advanced stats he was better than all of them last year.

      • JML CRRLL

        I would agree to that statement, BUT, you can’t overlook cohesion. Why pay Ariza more, when you can retain a younger version of him, for less, in Bazemore. Bazemore was just excited to play, period, for pennies. Ariza only shows up for the contracts. Also, Bazemore already has a familiarity with the players of THIS Lakers squad. Ariza has been away, and, added years (miles) that LAL can’t use. Stars don’t mean anything, when you face a true team. MIA had stars (name-sake), up and down the roster. SAS had a TEAM full of subs, who stepped up, because of the system, familiarity (not changing so many Players), and hard work. LAL should allow Farmar, Meeks, Young, Kelly, Hill, Bazemore, continue to grow, together, just as LAC, SAS, OKC, MEM, POR, have, the past few years. People seem so focused on gutting the team for stars, and neglect to keep in mind how important familiarity /cohesion / chemistry is. No, LAL won’t win a title, but, as long as the squad they have now has chdmistry, plugging in a star to carry yhem to yhe next level will be easier to do.

        • Rangers

          Ariza has better ppg, rebpg, Astpg, def rtg, def win shares, total win shares, PER and winshare per 48. This isn’t even relatively close. Ariza is elite perimeter defender that can slash and shoot 3 pters very well. 6-7 mill a year would be a steal

  • Thomas Lucas

    I have to agree with you JML..being back some of the players that were on the roster this past season.

  • http://WWW.LakersNation.com Kïd Špłãšh

    I think the FO should go after Ariza&Greg. Then add bench pieces such as Andrey Blatche, Chris Kaman, Isaiah Thomas, Nick Young, Kent, Jordan Hill, Al-Fariq Aminu, &Xavier . Along W/ who we have Rob Sacre, Kobe, Nash, Julius, Clarkson,DeAndre or LaQuinton (summer league).

    Starters: Pg: DeAndre SG: Kobe SF:Ariza PF:Julius C:Greg
    Bench:Nick, Isaiah,Xavier/Kent Kaman,Blatche, Hill,Al-Fariq,DeAndre/LaQuinton,Sacre Or Bring Back Pau &Move Julius To The Bench

  • J Taylor

    Stephenson might be a surprise. He’s a ball handler, and when kobe retires he can be a SG.

  • socalchargin

    Gotta go with lowry nash is not dependable we need a solid pg…not having a stable pg killed us…we were using shooting guards to cover that spot…hes averaging roughly 18ppg 7apg 4rpg…we could use that…I do not want lebron in a laker uniform and melo has NO DEFENSE and shoots to much…if kobe is back to kobe melo doesn’t fit…but lowry does…

  • john gambina


    We don’t need “”no stinking FREE AGENTS ! “”” This
    team can be made in to playoff team .

    in 48-72 hrs. They( The Lakers) have had months to talk to
    their accounts and lawyers and they should know exactly how much they can
    afford to offer their people. General managers are not on a time line
    they can talk to each other anytime, In this time of lawyers and accounts their should be no secrets of what a team intentions

    are as far as what players they want and what they can
    offer their players and those free
    agents from other teams.

    Whom are the Lakers going to get to Replace

    Gasoil , Stoudemire
    Amar’e ? Not according to the stats
    and unbiased free agent rankings.

    Whom are the Lakers going to get to Replace

    Jordan Hill ? Marian Gortat ? Not according to the
    stats and unbiased free agent rankings.

    1: Sign our people back ! Hill and Gasoil!

    We don’t need and more prim donnas. (James @
    Carmelo )

    Remember the Juan Howard

    Sign both Nick Young and Jodie Meeks. I
    can say this even though I am a bias Laker fan , Look at their number last year ! No one could have ask for more than these two did for the team!

    Lakers have already taken a step maybe a big step in drafting Julius Randle at the forward
    position. He can play the 3-4 slot. I hope they can finish of this
    position by signing Ryan Kelley back up, he had a great year.

    Point Guard: Candidates
    Kendall Marshall,
    Jordan Farmar @ Steve Nash can work out the minutes via the best man wins. I don’t see a down side here , We also have Jordan
    Clarkson , it is little to early to tell now
    the latest draftee is going to do. He might make
    the team and contribute.

    Last but not leased, Robert Sacre
    , he as showed last year the more minutes played the better player he becomes.

    It is up to management of course happens to this club. I hope they
    follow the plan, it is not that hard. This is not a team in transition it is a
    team that needs it management to do the
    right thing,

  • Tony Tellez Diaz

    The Los Angeles Lakers should Target Carmelo and/or Love but if they fail to do so then Id still be very much pleased with the additions of Greg Monroe & Trevor Ariza or Chandler Parsons. Stay away from Bosh, Lowry though… EwWwWw….

  • LakerJ

    Melo will only join the Lakers if there is enough talent around him to make a run for a championship, besides Kobe, he is looking for another league star. Enter K. Love or Rajon Rondo. One of those two acquisitions will do it. If the lakers can add either one of those two players, I believe Melo would be a lock. However, that may only be possible if the Lakers are willing to part with Randle and do a sign and trade involving Gasol. Additionally, a team would have to be willing to take Nash and his expiring 9.8M contract. Difficult but not impossible.
    Another hindrance for the Lakers is Kobe’s 23M contract, the Lakers are overpaying Kobe and ultimately hurting his and their chances for another ring in the next two years. Therefore, LeBron and Melo to the Lakers is fantasy basketball at best.
    I would love to see Rondo, Kobe, Melo, Gasol, and Monroe form the starting 5 this year. With guys like I Thomas, Bazemore, Young, Earl Clark, J Hill, and and Kaman coming off the bench to name a few. If we could acquire Love, the roster could look like this. Lowry, Kobe, Melo, Love, Monroe. However, a more realistic scenario is Lowry, Kobe, Ariza, Randle, Gasol/Monroe. I just hope that they keep enough cap space for next year!

  • ✰ ryan g soares ✰

    We now have DeAndre Kane playing on our summer league team.. He will 100% be better than Kendall Marshall, Farmar, and Nash. He is a 6’4 pg who is physical with great length to be a solid defensive player. At the two we have the legend Kobe Bryant. We need a solid 3 which could be Deng, Parsons, or Ariza. Let Randle come in as a starter as the 4. Then either keep Gasol and let him play the 5 or sign Monroe. Players we bring back should be NICK YOUNG, JORDAN HILL, and XAVIER HENRY.


      Xavier Henry was cool, for 2 weeks. Anybody who watches basketball notices his one dimensional skill-set isn’t worth keeping him around for. I’d rather have Youngs one dimension, over Henry. Henry puts up a lot of empty points. They aren’t game / momentum changing. He creates too many TO’s, and, would simply take away an opportunity, from another more skilled, deserving, player. No diss to his hard work, drive, but, he may be better utilized in CHI, MEM, where they lack scorers.