Feb 17, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Western Conference guard Kobe Bryant (24) of the Los Angeles Lakers drives against Eastern Conference forward Carmelo Anthony (7) of the New York Knicks in the first quarter of the 2013 NBA all star game at the Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Details on who'll be in Lakers, Carmelo meeting

Last season, the Lakers pieced together a group of recruiters that featured Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Mitch Kupchak, Mike D’Antoni, and Jim Buss to try to persuade Dwight Howard to stay in Los Angeles. We know how that worked out, with Dwight leaving the Lakers reeling, a departure they’re just now recovering from.

This time around, the Lakers remain confident in their group, which will feature the same group minus D’Antoni and Nash while substituting in Jeanie Buss, in their meeting planned with Carmelo Anthony on Thursday.

The inclusion of Jeanie Buss is interesting, if not just from a standpoint that she wasn’t involved with the Howard meeting, is a surprise. Always seen as the mother figure of the franchise, Jeanie could provide a unique approach to the pitch the Lakers will give Melo. She was not involved in the Howard meeting last year, but her impact likely would not have kept the big man in L.A. nonetheless.

A lot of the Lakers plans this summer hinge on the decisions of Anthony and to a lesser extent, LeBron James, making this upcoming meeting all the more important. Whether the Lakers pitch centers around the possibility of bringing in James and Melo together or offering him the keys to the franchise when Bryant leaves, the ramifications of the meeting remain large.

Let us know down below: if you had to form a team to convince Carmelo to come to LA, who would you pick? Kobe? Magic? Mitch? Kareem? Shaq? Jeanie?

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  • J Taylor

    Let’s hope Jimmy shaves the hippie beard, puts on a suit, and keeps his mouth shut.

  • ThomasF

    This doesn’t surprise me. Jeannie made it clear a couple of months ago (immediately after Phil Jackson joined the Knicks) that she is the top dog at the Lakers now, which just isn’t the sort of thing that you make a point of getting out into the media unless Jim was officially being put on a short leash.

    Folks still talk about the Lakers like it is Jim Buss’s team, but the fact is that his ownership stake is the same as Jeannie’s, and her nameplate say’s “President” vs. “Vice President of Basketball Operations” for Jim.

    When you consider how the Laker’s ownership is structured, it seems very likely that the power struggle that has gone on between Jeannie and Jim for the last decade is ended for the moment, with a majority of shareholders backing her as the face of the organization.

    I’m absolutely convinced that the disaster that was last year, combined with Phil joining the Knicks, swung the silent partners to Jeannie’s side after she was proven right after having lost the power struggle to hire Phil back. Dr. Buss made the final decision on Phil, but that was just Jerry supporting Jim over Jeannie and Phil for the umpteenth time.

    That decision led directly to losing Dwight, and arguably to “losing” Kobe as well thanks to his being injured after being forced to play too many minutes in a terrible uptempo style that the players didn’t support, and which drove Dwight from the team a few weeks after the Kobe injury. Follow that up with the worst season in Lakers history, and it just seems very likely that ownership votes switched to Jeannie.

    • hookedonnews

      That is a convenient re-writing of history. Jim Buss was set to hire Phil Jackson not D’Antoni. Dr. Buss did not want to return to the Triangle. Howard left because of Kobe according to the people closest to him and what he has said himself. He’s playing in the same kind of up-tempo offense in Houston that MDA runs. Kobe’s injury had nothing to do with that offense because they were playing a low-post offense when he suffered the Achilles injury and hadn’t played MDA’s system all season according to Steve Nash. The minutes were Kobe’s choice because he felt they couldn’t make the playoffs once Nash went down, and according to most experts had nothing to do with the Achilles tear. His 17 seasons and the many playoff games added to them were more likely responsible. Were Dominique Wilkins and the numerous other players who had the same injury playing in D’Antoni’s system or playing excess minutes when they tore their Achilles? Sometimes you have to exercise some common sense and not buy into the rhetoric regularly put forth on these blogs and even by others who should know better. The worst season in Lakers history was caused by unprecedented injuries. I think if you’ll research the front office situation you will find that Jim Buss is still in charge of basketball operations. The fact that Jeanie Buss is going to meet with Carmelo Anthony shouldn’t be seen as some coup. There’s no evidence of that. The two are working together just as Dr. Buss intended.

  • Leo

    Kobe wife and Melos wife. Ice cube, snoop dog, Flea, leonardo, JACK, Puig, magic and any alive showtime era member.

  • p.rob.

    How about Kobe, Mitch, Jeannie, and B.Scott who should be the next Lakers coach.Come on how you gnna convince a Superstar to come to your team without him knowing who will be the Head Coach, and what system your goin to operate..hmm

    • Jim213

      Nothing bigger than the Lakers brand on a global scale. Jeanie can sell Melo on his off the court business opportunities with the team. That didn’t fair too successfully while in NY.

  • http://WWW.LakersNation.com Kïd Špłãšh

    Kobe, Kareem, Mitch, Jeanie&Magic/Byron

  • hookedonnews

    Carmelo Anthony could never be to the Lakers what Kobe Bryant has been. He’s just not on that level IMO. I don’t see him as the kind of player who always puts his team in the championship conversation.