Kurt Rambis joins Knicks, Fisher's coaching staff

With all the focus on free agents and pitch meetings, a low key move today was made that has a big impact on the Lakers head coaching search. Derek Fisher will bring Kurt Rambis to New York as an assistant on the Knicks coach staff, eliminating himself from contention as the possible Lakers head coach.

The Lakers are quickly running out of candidates for their job. Having interviewed only a small nucleus of prospective coaches, their list has grown smaller. Lionel Hollins accepted the head coaching job with the Brooklyn Nets. Alvin Gentry joined the Golden State Warriors staff and Rambis joined Fisher’s staff today.

Byron Scott now stands as the only remaining candidate the Lakers interviewed, and by most accounts he was already the leading candidate. However, the Lakers may be holding off a coach until receiving input from a freshly signed free agent, possibly Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James.

As is, the Lakers appear more set on acquiring a free agent than a head coach, so don’t expect much in the search for a coach until the mess of free agency begins to clear itself up. There are still some intriguing prospects, including George Karl and Jeff Van Gundy among others.

Let us know below who you think the next Lakers coach will be!

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  • colinmincy

    I think Jeff Van Gundy needs the Lakers job and I think the Lakers need Jeff Van Gundy. Now that Hollins is out, this in my mind becomes as clear as ever as the right match, particularly given the well documented mutual respect between some of the players and JVG.

    • Delani

      Van Gundy would be ideal, but I have absolutely no faith in Jim Buss. He has a pattern of making decisions that make absolutely no sense. You’d think Jeff Van Gundy would be a solid choice, but you never know with this wacko. Tomjanovich, Brown & Dantoni. Each one was a surprise out of nowhere. What makes us think he will change? This is the doofus who chose Bynum over Kobe and was more than willing to get rid of Kobe for that bum.

      Personally I’d prefer JVG over Scott but the problem is it makes too much sense. I expect Scott to be chosen.