Jordan Clarkson Scores 19 Against The Warriors (Video)

The standout player of the Vegas Pro League for the Laker roster is Jordan Clarkson.  Our own Harry Burden did a quick player report covering of how well he’s done the past week.

Scouting reports aside, there are certain intangibles about a player that stand out.  He’s easily the most energetic player on the floor. He’s easily the most aggressive player on the floor.  He constantly searches for ways to attack the basket.

Those are qualities that are not easily duplicated.  Kobe Bryant and Russell Westbrook have that same kind of fire, admittedly at far more advanced skill levels.

Clarkson’s shooting guard length with point-guard level ball-handling ability raise his potential, even with just a good first step.  When his court awareness increases by facing similar scenarios on dribble penetration, the floor will open up that much more.  His jumpshot still comes off more as a shot-put; rather flat upon release, but he is capable of knocking shots down.

This video paints his offensive body of work.

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