Brandon Jennings starts Jordan/Bryant Debate on Twitter

One classic debate among hoop heads usually includes, “Who is the greatest?”  Everyone has a different answer, and it usually ties into the era they watched basketball the most.  Some may say Kareem.  Some may say Wilt. Some may say Magic.  Some may say M.J.  Some may say, Bryant?

On Twitter, Brandon Jennings started a debate on his feed and had some strong points to make.






Brandon Jennings just summed up all of the Lakers’ fans arguments for the past decade in regards to the Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant debate.  Those who think Kobe Bryant is the greatest of all time, would tend to agree with everything that Brandon Jennings had tweeted out.




Considering the Hall of Fame talent around Michael Jordan, there is a point to be made.  Yes, Pau Gasol is a Hall of Famer in his own right, but he’s not on the caliber of Dennis Rodman‘s career achievements with multiple Defensive Player of the Year awards and rebounding titles.  Pau Gasol is a great player, but his international achievements may overshadow most of his NBA career achievements.

We didn’t even mention Scottie Pippen.  Kobe Bryant had Lamar Odom.

What do you think of the Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan debate?  Please comment below.

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