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Top 5 Dunkers in the History of the Lakers (w/ video)

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Despite the Lakers’ season and free agency window ending with more of a pop rather than a bang, there’s no reason for pessimism to engulf the entirety of our fanbase’s mindset until the end of October. In tricky times like these, it’s fun to venture back in time, open the vault and relive some of the finer moments in our storied franchise’s history, and today, I’ll be throwing together a list of the greatest dunkers to ever don the Purple and Gold.


5. Eddie Jones

Before the man at the top of this list made his mark in Laker lore, Eddie Jones was one of the most athletic,  jaw-dropping guards in the whole of the Western Conference. Jones could hit you with a two handed jam, a 360 slam or a self alley-oop as easily as he could do with a clean layup. When he was met with an open court on a fastbreak, it truly was gripping to behold what E J could pull out of his arsenal next. His movement and explosiveness left defences soulless and after joining the Hornets, Jones left the Lakers with some awe-inspiring dunks.

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