Trailer for Kobe Bryant NBA Documentary: Muse

Kobe Bryant is one of the most fascinating sports figures in the NBA world.  There have been multiples of articles speaking about his charity work, his work ethic, his conduct with teammates, and his conduct with public life. Sometimes, it’s difficult to see who the real Kobe Bryant is.  “Muse” may provide that kind of insight.  Laker fans can easily imagine Shaquille O’Neal being the same person on Inside the NBA as he was in an NBA locker room.  Jeremy Lin has a documentary called, “Linsanity” that was made in 2013.  That provided a great story of the trials and tribulations of his career, but also made it easy to relate to most NBA journeymen.

“Muse” seems to focus more on the basketball side of things.




We chose.  We chose.

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