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Ways To Get Lamar Odom Talks Started Again


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This whole Lamar Odom thing has got to stop. The Lakers and Odom are destined to be together. So how can Jerry Buss and Mitch Kupchak get back to negotiating with Odom? Throw in some incentives to their offer…

Send Odom a Candy Basket

Everyone heard about how Odom loves candy, why not dip into that overblown story? Send him a nice basket filled with candy. It would be a purple basket filled with purple and gold M&M’s.

I can see Odom cracking a big smile (he’s on the left) after opening it now. He’d think to himself, “Yeah, Lakers are pimping with purple and gold M&M’s, I better call Jerry.” Then he could put up some Twitpics with the M&M’s. All the loyal Laker tweeps, including me would go crazy.

Open Lamar Odom Beach!

Another thing that everyone always talks about: Odom is said to need a beach in his NBA city. Lamar Odom Beach would feature lovely views, but inconsistent pleasures. Reason being is inconsistent weather in the area. The beach would be just like Odom’s play on the floor.

Once Odom signs his new deal, he could host the whole team at his beach. I would totally be friends with a guy on my team who had a beach. No rules and a big team party would start!

One Night To Smoke With Coach

Another thing Odom did in his past was smoke weed. Much to Phil Jackson’s disagreement, Odom gets a clause to smoke dope with Phil for a night. Wherever, whenever, but TMZ must not hear whiff. I can see the stories and photos of Odom and Phil high. Just the thought makes me want it to happen.

It would really benefit Odom’s relationship with Phil next season. He’d think of Phil as the coach with the most street cred in the league. That means they would be on same wavelength. They would coast through the season because of one night.

A Night With Vanessa Bryant

I’m sure Odom has no real trouble getting girls, but another thing he’d get is a night with Vanessa Bryant (here’s some pictures of her from the ESPY’s). It would be payback for Kobe’s little Denver party and incentive for Odom to stay. Everyone wins (except Kobe’s manhood).

While this might look bad if it got out, they could just keep it on the real down low. I’m talking only Kobe, Odom, Vanessa and the Lakers’ top dogs know. Let’s just say Odom’s contract won’t be released to the public.

Give Him a Star On the Walk Of Fame

Odom has to get the Hollywood treatment. His star would be bigger than most because he’d probably be on of the taller guys on the walk of fame. At 6’10” he’s one big dude. With the Lakers help, he could be one big really famous dude.

If I was Lamar, I would be totally into all this cool stuff. I would sign a deal with all of these things attached today! If you add all the value of these incentives, the Lakers would match the amount of money that he wanted. But the Lakers would be cool to give him unique gifts, instead of money! It’s special LA treatment.

What incentives would you give Odom?