Kobe isn’t helping, Lakers lucky Game 7 is in Los Angeles – Video Highlights of Game 4


Hey Sports Fans! I’d like to introduce myself with my first ever post on Lake Show Life. I’m Coach Nick and I offer my observations from a coach’s standpoint, breaking down the Lakers games in a way they won’t show you on TNT, ESPN, or ABC. I’m also a triangle offense guru, having coached it in high school (Jordan Farmar played for me for 2 years). I am also friends with Tex Winter and we’ve spent hours going over the fundamentals of the game as well as his storied offense.

In this video breakdown, you’ll see the dangers of letting a young team get confidence early on, as well as the Lakers inattention to detail. If they don’t get back to basics, they’re in for a long series. In any event, Kevin Durant has arrived and announced his career with authority.