What happened to the NBA MVP?


So, you’ll have to excuse my ignorance. You see, I have a severe case of Laker myopia. Most of my Thursday was spent pouring over shot charts for Sedale Threatt during the 1992-93 season. I gotta tell you, The Thief – as Chick used to call him – was as efficient a point guard as you’ll find that year. 15 points, 7 dimes, 50% from the field, 82% from the line and 2 steals. In fact, a good friend of mine argues that Threatt had the best handle in the game. Not that he’s flashy, just solid. Hard to argue his point, but it is funny to hear someone say that “Sedale Threatt had the nicest handle in his day”…

Oh…There I go again…lost in my Laker Myopia…

My apologies.


When I finally took a break from my tedious task, it seemed like the appropriate thing to do was to begin preparations for the upcoming Conference Finals.

As I began to look over the rosters for the NBA’s Final Four and do some research on each team, I noticed something odd.

It seems as if the four teams left to contend for the Larry O’Brien Trophy are all void of the regular season MVP.

How can this be?

In a panic, I phoned my good friend to ask him for guidance. After we debated who was better – Mike Penberthy or David Rivers? – I asked him who won the Most Valuable Player Award this season. My friend informed me that some guy from Ohio had just won his second consecutive MVP award.

Immediately I began to wonder who this supposed two-time MVP could be.

My Laker database began to whirl.

Let’s see…

Couldn’t play for the Orlando Magic since they played in the Finals one year ago and lost to my beloved Lake Show…huuuummm…couldn’t be a member of the Boston Celtics since I saw them two years ago when my beloved Lakers were undressed in front of the nation in the Finals…I want revenge on Boston…do you hear me?

Back to the task at hand…

This MVP doesn’t play for the Suns…in fact…whoever this MVP is just pulled a Nash…I’m sayin’, two straight MVPs and not a single minute played in the Finals either year…huuummmm…who is this guy?

Oh well, I guess it’s just another case of the NBA hyping the most marketable player in the game for profit. That case in Colorado took at least two MVPs away from my man Kobe.

Funny thing about this MVP from Ohio is that I heard he even has a good team too.

I mean, word was that his team had the best record in the league two years in a row. You can’t blame his surrounding cast or his coach since that guy has won coach of the year as many times as Phil Jackson – once.

Who is this larger than life person with two MVPs and no rings?


Oh well…

Back to the task at hand and preparing for these Phoenix Suns. After all, we don’t want to be the team that let’s Steve Nash get his first taste of the Finals. We’d be worse than the team that let this Ohio guy with twice as many MVPs as Kobe get his shot at a ring…wait…oh, the dude from Ohio has been in the Finals before…I just remembered…

That’s right, his team got the broom from the Spurs back in ’07, so he’s no closer to a ring than Nash with a head start of four games played in the NBA Finals.

We really can’t let the Suns get a sniff now! That would be more embarrassing than having two MVPs and no rings.