Amar’e Stoudemire is playing right into the Lakers trap


Amar’e Stoudemire just doesn’t get it. After watching his Suns team get abused in game one of the Western Finals, STAT decided to add more fuel to the championship fire burning in the Laker bellies.

Unaware that the Lakers are a team that thrives on adversity, Stoudemire showed his cards today by claiming Lamar Odom’s 19 point, 19 rebound effort was “lucky”.

"“I’m not giving him no hype right now; he had a lucky game in Game 1,” Stoudemire said after Suns practice Tuesday at Staples Center."

Right…and Kobe Bryant’s demoralizing 21-point third quarter was a freak occurrence too.

When will the rest of the league learn?

When Kobe hears those not so quite whispers suggesting that he’s past his prime, it only awakens the cold blooded killer within.

When Pau Gasol is reminded of just how soft he is, the Spaniard goes out and punishes the opposition.

When Sasha Vujacic is told he’s a waste of $5-million a year, he proceeds to prove his contract is as worthless a collection of paper as Sarah Palin’s memoirs. (Maybe Sasha is a bad example.)

Whatever the case, keep it up Amar’e.

If Stoudemire seriously thinks that hustling, being aggressive and attacking an inferior defense are all symptoms of “luck” then I’d suggest he makes his fishing reservations now. There’s no shame in getting swept by a lucky team but apparently there is much shame in being beaten by the defending world champions.