Lakers need to put Celtics out of their misery


The Boston Celtics are an old wounded dog. They are an animal on its deathbed, limping around TD Garden, dragging a dead leg behind them as they search for an appropriate place to die. The Los Angeles Lakers should do us all a favor and put them out of their misery as soon as possible.

Celtic mystique peaked in 2008. Since their unraveling of the Lakers in the ’08 Finals, Boston has been on a steady decline as age and distraction have taken their toll.

All the signs are present. Celtics faithful just haven’t yet accepted the reality.

Kevin Garnett’s airball-layup wasn’t an aberration. A seven footer who can touch the rim in the first quarter but not the fourth is on his last legs. Jesus Shuttlesworth reverting back to Ray Allen was no mistake. A flat jumper is an indication of dead legs. Doc Rivers and his critique of the officiating reek of desperation. The type of move a wounded animal pulls when it knows the end is nigh.

There’s plenty of fight left in those old dogs from Beantown but not enough to fend off a Black Mamba.

Three games into the 2010 NBA Finals and it is all one way traffic. Don’t let the result of Game 2 fool you. Everything you need to know about this series was broadcasted live to the world in Game 1. This Celtic team has lost its legs. They’re not nearly as hungry as they once were and when a predator is hunting on a full stomach it just doesn’t have the same motivation.

The Celtics have the fight of a champion in their hearts but don’t have the strength in their legs. The longer this series goes, the worse it will get for the walking dead wearing green.

If Phil Jackson has any decency, he’ll instruct his team to put their feet on the throat of the bloody beast and put it down once and for all.

After 2010, the Celtics can return to the rebuilding process that was temporarily put on hold with KG’s arrival. For now, it would be best to not make a liar out of Paul Pierce. This animal needs to be put down in its home in front of family and friends. This series needs to end in Boston and not Los Angeles.

Once upon a time, it would have seemed impossible to win three in a row in the Garden. Now, not only is it possible but it has already been done.

If you’ve been paying attention, then you already know that the Lakers haven’t lost in Boston since the 39-point massacre that ended the ’08 Finals. Two consecutive wins in the regular season plus one win in the Finals equals three consecutive for the Lake Show.

Naturally, the Celtics will be fired up for Game 4, but how long that fire stays lit is exactly the problem.

No matter how hard they try, their focus isn’t what it used to be. When Derek Fisher caught the entire franchise asleep at the wheel, it was the most glaring example of just how little time this Celtics team has left to live.

So please, Lakers, do us all a favor and make sure you’re coming home to a parade and not to practice. David Stern’s wallet might want this thing to go seven games but even his heart must be aching at the sight of a wailing dog bleeding out in front of the world.